It’s All About S P E E D

It’s All About S P E E D

June 27th, 2019 // 1:11 pm @

It’s All About S P E E D

This past weekend and coming weekend I’m hosting our Summer Wealth Group Experiences where each quarter I bring to them some poignant topics to refocus on that will help them to elevate their game and accelerate their results over the next 90-days.
This is especially true in the middle of the year. It’s important to reflect on the past 6 months and reset goals with laser sharp vision for the next 6 months.

If you think about it, even if you have been a professional business owner since 25 (I was even 10 years sooner) and you keep that going all the way until 75 (we have some doctors so healthy and so in love with what they do they keep working beyond that), so you own a business for 50 years. A large majority won’t be even close to that, maybe even half.

Still, that means you have only 100 sets of 6 months. Isn’t that shocking? Makes one rethink life and how we spend our time.

At best you’ve got 100 intervals of 6 months to make things happen in your business. If that doesn’t light a fire under you, I don’t know what will.

That saying that it’s a ‘marathon’ and not a sprint to success is wrong and right all at the same time. In fact, business is a marathon but it’s made up of and won by lots of little sprints in between.

And that’s how I look at weeks, months, quarters, half years, etc.

It really is about deciding and acting fast – it’s about speed – because time doesn’t stop and it waits for no one. You better get moving and stop wasting time by pursuing your goals SLOWLY.

Daily you can race the clock but in business over all it is a race against the calendar. Can you imagine how much more you’d get done in your business if you really treated it as though you were going to run out of time, as if your 100 intervals to growth, success, profit and wealth extraction from your business were ticking off a little with every day, week, month, quarter…

Well they actually are.

You can, of course, CREATE the ‘need for speed’ by setting up self-imposed deadlines, putting commitments and responsibilities in place, and adding success systems that facilitate – often by forced measures – automatic acceleration of progress.

I’d challenge you to take an honest look at yourself and your business by listing out all the things you must do to reach the level of success you’re after, then STOP accepting excuses.

Hey, we all MAKE excuses, but you don’t have to ACCEPT them.

Here are a few tips…

Set yourself up for success with an environment conducive to SPEED and IMPLEMENTATION.

Make sure Your taking care of yourself so you can perform at a top level.

Have a support team (that means people around you, systems, vendors, outsourcing, delegating, etc.), designed to put you at the highest and best use of your time and talents. Then trickle that down and do the same for all of them.

Create and live by RULES of Engagement in terms of how you will work and communicate.

Most importantly, if you want to win the race, you’ve got to have a start and a finish. You’ve got to know what you’re chasing, what you’re after, how many laps remain, and what’s considered a victory.

Stop running around in circles day-to-day. Start working towards something.

When people start commenting that you always seem like you are in a hurry, you’ll be walking that fine line between rude and assertive.

When you start getting frustrated with yourself and it pains you when you’re running behind or not getting everything done, you know you’re on the right track.

When you’re getting a RUSH out of your productivity and your small victories each day, you’ll start getting a lot more done.

Look, during the Race, it’s all go time. Your day ought to be that way too. I didn’t say you don’t get to sleep, relax, or go on vacation…

What I am saying is when you work, really work, and embrace SPEED – it makes all the rest of life more enjoyable and fruitful. When you learn to get things done, you’ll find you’ve got more time to go around, not less.

Start flooring the gas pedal of your business. It all begins with you, your vision and desire to win. I hope to help you fill up your gas tank of inspiration and give you the fuel to go go go. So you can pursue your goals and ambitions without regret or guilt.

Life’s short and time is ticking. Wherever you are at on that 100 intervals of 6 months time in your life, one things for sure, you are only as good as your next 6 months. Here’s to an amazing finish to 2019.

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