How To Get More Out Of Everything – Part 5

How To Get More Out Of Everything – Part 5

May 30th, 2019 // 1:17 pm @

How To Get More Out Of Everything – Part 5

Yesterday, in my Weekly Private Doctor Memo, I wrote something that contains a hidden message inside of it. And in that one concept it represents two very important truths about successful entrepreneurs or perhaps better said why so many never breakthrough to the next level and why the majority actually can’t succeed in the first place.
It does culminate and finish off our theme today about getting the most out of everything. Everything in your life, in your business, in your wealth, in your skills and the list goes on.

This is first about setting out to get the most out of whatever you have, do, are.

And that’s important. Don’t miss that part.

It begins, and always does, first with your intention of what you are setting out to achieve in the first place. Having clarity about that is critical. That’s a trait in every successful entrepreneur: unwavering conviction through clarity of mission.

I said yesterday that there is no ‘pause’ in life. You can’t get to a place in your business and then just sit there, do nothing and expect it all to remain the same. It just doesn’t happen.

You can “arrive” at a level of skill, you can have the perfect team, you certainly can reach a pinnacle of demanding certain fees, you can have reliable systems dialed in and you can be firing on all cylinders. Still, no matter how perfect things are, they will only remain that way if you continue doing what it takes.

Oh sure it can be easier in a sense but it’s really not that it’s easier, just different. You replace the need for one type of effort with another, with one focus for another. You secure the foundation and then you build on top of it.

You build a car, but to do what – sit in idle? No, the car is only worth something in motion. To go anywhere you still need gas, a driver, oil changes, tune up the engine, etc. The work is never done.

This is the same with your business. And it just might be the biggest Achilles heel of all business owners and entrepreneurs (or you could just say all humans, really). That’s why they say it’s about the journey not the destination, because you never truly reach the end.

Too many people have faulty expectations about what success really is. They think that it’s a thing that you achieve or complete. Then you just have it, as if it were a trophy on a mantle.

Maybe that is why it can often be bitter sweet. You can’t ‘obtain’ success. You can constantly pursue and sustain it with appropriate effort and strategy.

This is really what my message was to you last week… the requirement of endurance to keep going and remain motivated to do what it takes.

All of this to say: it is great to love what you do, but the main point is to love what you do provides you – the results of your effort – because that is what will drive you to sustain your effort so that you don’t settle for less.

You see, loving what you do is a bonus and for the most successful (and certainly the happiest) people it is a very important part. However, it can also be a double-edged sword. The reason is because people who are just happy doing the thing often fall victim to their own lack of ambition. They reach a point where they say ‘it’s good enough.’

Which, by the way, that’s fine. Remember our one and only rule here is no one gets to tell you what your definition of success should be. We just want it to be YOUR REAL definition not your lazy definition because it’s harder than you thought so you just lower your goals. That’s no way to thrive and be the best you deserve to be.

The most common thing I hear from my Doctors when I know they are about to get in their own way is something like this…

“I’m already doing more than I ever thought I would.” “I’m at a level (or making more money) (or insert whatever statement they make) that I didn’t think would ever be possible.”

This should happen for everyone if you are doing things right but you can never leave off the critical, “So, what’s next?” You can’t think that just because you’ve ‘arrived’ that life, the universe, your business, team, customers are going to let you ‘stay’ – unless you earn it every single day.

Once you have exceeded your own expectations you now need to develop new ones. Otherwise, you will get in your own way. Instead, keep gas in the tank and your foot on the pedal as you race towards your next victory.

This is the best news of business and life: you get to decide what rewards are worth your effort and then build (and maintain) a business and life that delivers. That’s how you get the most out of everything and everyone, including yourself.

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