How To Get More Out Of Everything – Part 4

How To Get More Out Of Everything – Part 4

May 23rd, 2019 // 1:05 pm @

How To Get More Out Of Everything – Part 4

Would you like to know one of the most significant reasons why some entrepreneurs achieve their goals and others fall short?
Imagine this…

You are running a race or down the football field or doing any type of athletic activity, swinging the golf club, fishing, I don’t care – anything – there is always a point at which you have to see it through. Finish it off. Hang in there.

Whether it’s not letting up, whether it’s not looking back, stopping to breathe, swinging through, setting the hook, you pick the sport or activity and insert that one final action in every event that makes all the difference.

That last step of FOLLOW THROUGH is what’s most entrepreneurs miss.

And it’s much more vivid and dramatic than that because it’s not just once that you have to do it – it is again and again and again.

It never stops. Success doesn’t rest.

You don’t get somewhere, do something and then be done. At least not while you are ‘running’ and ‘owning’ and ‘doing’ the business. Until you have extracted enough money and wealth out of it and placed it into passive income streams – if that’s your goals and objective – the business can’t be put on pause.

So I like to think of it as endurance.

You must have endurance to be successful and that requires the discipline, the determination, the desire, the will to NEVER STOP OR GIVE UP. You must stay the course and follow through on your decisions, actions, implementations, success patterns.

Yes, business is an interesting dynamic between sprinting and distance running – there are both but in different ways. Regardless of whether you are moving fast or plotting along methodically, the key is TO FINISH your objectives.

I could give you many excuses that business owners make. Always searching for greener grass, lacking confidence, looking for ‘easier ways’, getting distracted, running into hard times or weathering the storms of variables. Ultimately, it just boils down to lacking the discipline to see things through and prevent yourself from being so complacent (or lazy) that it robs you of your inner focus.

DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Play your game, see it through, finish what you start and do not give up when you know how close you are.

Whether it’s an individual customer, client, patient success or a record month of revenue or an amount of growth in your business. It doesn’t matter how you qualify or quantify YOUR goals; only that when you decide that is what you want to do, you execute and persevere to victory.

I say, if you are going to play, you should play to win. Business isn’t easy street regardless of your ambitions. The autonomy and opportunity comes with responsibility, as it should. What I can tell you is that it’s far more worthwhile to win and do well by performing to your potential than it is doing otherwise.

No different than the sports analogy I used. Starting anything over always results in you losing your stride, taking away your momentum and builds frustration.

Today’s success lesson is maybe the most obvious and simple there is – and – yet one of the hardest ones to commit to without wavering.

What are you not following through on today? In the past? Where do you need to have more endurance in your business (and life)?

How have you sabotaged yourself by giving yourself permission to ‘take it easy’ and ‘make it okay’ to settle when you really were so close to victory?

Most of all, what is next for you and what do you need to follow-through and commit to finishing inside of your business (and life) right now?

What routines and disciplines, decisions and actions do you need to double down your commitment to endure and persevere through to achieve and sustain your goals?

Far too many people are right at the edge of their next breakthrough, the precipice of the next transformative move, decision, action, revelation in their life and they stop, they give up, they change courses, they take detours but most of all they come up short because they stop short of doing what it takes and seeing it through.

If you want to get more out of everything in your life – ‘do more’ of the right things and have the endurance necessary to sustain your success long enough to actually gain the experience, accelerate the progress, develop the foundation so that you can build and achieve what you really dream and desire to do.

What it takes to win is usually incredibly obvious; it’s just a matter of whether or not someone is willing to do what it takes.

While you get to define your own idea of success, it is far more valuable to actually live it, to realize it, to make it happen than just to know what it is.

You really do get to pick, with your will, where on the hierarchy of success in your own life you’ve chosen to play and win.

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