How To Get More Out Of Everything – Part 3

How To Get More Out Of Everything – Part 3

May 16th, 2019 // 1:23 pm @

How To Get More Out Of Everything – Part 3

The secret to getting more out of everyone else begins by getting more out of yourself. Exactly like we talked about last week – but it doesn’t stop there. The exact same formula I gave you last week for you is now what you must do for other people. At least that is if you want them to improve and be more valuable for themselves and therefore you.
It’s a very interesting thing really, if you think about all great leaders in any aspect of life (health, wealth, business, religion, sports, entertainment), the people who achieved the greatest sustained success are masters at both what I wrote about last week (always learning, going to work on themselves and growing their own self-worth) and this week’s topic (masters at bringing the best out in other people as well).

When someone can get another person to believe they are capable of more, that person then goes to work on their muscles and they become capable of more. It always goes in that order. No one accomplishes something they didn’t think they could and they didn’t set out to.

I feel so very fortunate that I began my journey in personal development (at 5 years old) in Martial Arts. It is also where I found my business inspirations. However, you know the real power of my martial arts experience was not just the confidence and discipline that I gained for myself – far more powerful than that – was the ability and experience I gained in bringing the best out in others so they too could achieve things that they once thought impossible.

While this began with kicks, punches and mind over matter physically, it led to success in school, life, health, relationships and many aspects of life. These are the result of martial arts and that then transitioned into helping other people become successful with marketing, communication, leadership and all the aspects of business.

You probably don’t know this but before I wrote about “business” I began writing articles way back in my teens that were called “Positive Way of Living” because the theme of my Martial Arts School was “Teaching Success Skills for Life.” If it’s not blatantly obvious – I haven’t ever left that topic. It is in fact what we do right here every single week.

All aspects of success in business – while there are principles of ‘operations’ and ‘money’ and ‘management’ and ‘marketing’ and all the special categories of development for businesses that you would learn in a text book or a university – they all really boil down to success principles for personal development. Learning to get more out of yourself and others has to do with motivation, communication, and engagement with people.

Here’s my point… Helping someone become more valuable to themselves is the entire objective of your business. This is true whether people work with you as team members or someone becomes a customer, client or patient by investing in themselves. The first thing you do is not sell someone on YOUR product or service; rather you sell, influence, motivate them on the BELIEF that they deserve to have the benefits of whatever it is you do.

And in order to do that you must first find out what motivates someone to want to do well and what stands in their way (in their minds) of having not already done this. Then you begin with little victories and building up those muscles we talked about last week. You are working a person’s belief up to be able to try new things, to perform at a higher level, to invest in themselves and so on and so forth.

All too often we try to force people to do things they aren’t ready to do just because we want them to do it. When it really is actually much faster (not to mention more effective) to first find out where they are at in their beliefs of themselves. Then go to work on helping bridge the gap by guiding them down the experience to be ready to do something more than they are doing or buy more than they were originally interested in.

To stick with the working out analogy – you can’t just go straight for the heavy weights when you haven’t worked your way up to them yet. That doesn’t mean you have to go in sequential steps and stages. It just means you have to understand the reality of the situation and know how someone else feels, believes and perceives about whatever you are wanting them to do.

Understand first before you seek to be understood. You know that, but how often do you really do it? Another lesson from my martial arts days.

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