Roll Up Your Sleeves, It’s Time for Spring Cleaning…

Roll Up Your Sleeves, It’s Time for Spring Cleaning…

March 21st, 2019 // 5:34 am @

Roll Up Your Sleeves, It’s Time for Spring Cleaning…

Everybody needs a little spring cleaning, like it or not.
There is nothing I hate more than stopping what I’m doing, halting progress, and taking a break to do spring (or any other type of), cleaning.

I’m not talking about daily upkeep though; you ought to be outsourcing as much as possible that liberates you from wasted minutes or energy. Often doing nothing for “peak performers” is better than doing something that is taking away from your value.

Of course, do what you love. Cooking, yard work, projects around the house, whatever – but – do not do it because you think “you have to” or because you are too cheap to free up your time and abilities with others.

Here’s a tip: for everyday of your life value yourself more – and guess what like magic everyone else will too…

What I’m talking about today is cleaning up the messes you create in your business and life. Think of it this way: when you “spring clean” you prepare yourself for your next LEAP – SPRING – FORWARD!!!

This week my Wealth Groups are immersing themselves BY FORCE in this very thing – far away from their daily realities – and it will be their most transformative week so far this year. It will dramatically elevate their trajectory for growth because they declutter and free up opportunity by removing anything holding them back.

If you are doing ANYTHING of substance in your life, you accumulate baggage, clutter and all sorts of stuff daily and weekly. Because you are moving so fast and doing so much, things pile up.

One of my great friends and long-time mentors Dan Kennedy says, “Success is made in a messy kitchen.” Of course, he’s right. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to be organized, it just means you can’t expect it all to be perfect.

If you are reading this, you probably know that I’m more OCD than any of you, and I’m a control freak with my time and my space. I say that proudly because it’s a skill that can be harnessed for incredible leverage and execution.

Still, this is not just about tidying up your office, though it could be. I’m certainly anti-germ and dirt and prefer to keep people out of my space literally and figuratively. But I’m not talking about that kind of clean.

I’m talking about…

Making room in your life for more opportunity.

Making room in your business for more money.

Making room in your mind for more success.

If the enemy ever finds my hide-out, it will do them no good, because my files are so coded and sticky-note-ed like a pirate’s secret treasure map. I’ve got papers stapled and clipped here, there, and everywhere. And I’ve got piles dependent on value, work and timelines.

It’s a crazy yet lucrative giant pile of money-making chaos.

And, despite all of that, every few months, you’ve got to stop, take a count, and reorganize what’s going on in your life.

Assess where you are investing your time, what opportunities are going well, what needs more attention, and judge those that are deserving of the chainsaw.

That’s one of the most dramatic big benefits for our Doctors – this forced organization and deliberately orchestrated planning and execution. It’s a constant spring cleaning of the stuff holding them back and getting in their way of progress. It begins in their minds and beliefs; then their people and their systems; and then their patients and their experience. We provide a built-in “check up” and “cleaning out” of all the accumulated un-necessities in their businesses and lives.

You’ve got to do the same.

So, stop what you’re doing, reorganize the game plan, clean off your plate and only put the most important stuff back on it. Get rid of the loose ends, the un-dones, and the annoyances that hamper your productivity.

When this is all said and done, you’ll feel refreshed, focused, and be more productive than you’ve been since the last time you did this little exercise.

Embrace this idea and you’ll have a built-in catalyst to achieve a leap in your income each and every time you do it.

Oh, and by the way, as I said if you don’t feel the stress, pressure, and need for this routine “cleaning”, you’re simply not doing enough, trying enough stuff, challenging yourself enough, or just not working hard enough.

What a wake-up call Springtime can be.

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