How To Get Lucky With Money and Business

How To Get Lucky With Money and Business

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How To Get Lucky With Money and Business

I love when we get to talk about St. Patrick’s Day. Since we’ll miss it over the weekend, I’m going to comment on it today! Some say it’s better to be lucky than good and I say – why not be both.
Here and my 3 principles for getting and staying lucky in life and business.

Number 1 – You’ve got to expect to be lucky.

Sure, that comes from doing the right things, but believe me, no matter how many times you point yourself in the right direction, if you are expecting the worst you’ll get it. When you set out to do something you ought to be confident about the outcome. You have to expect to get lucky.

That means that your actions and strategy have to warrant the thinking. You need to be following a plan with purpose that you are intentionally taking action on. Then, you have no reason to not expect to “get lucky.”

Number 2 – You can’t get lucky if you’re sitting on the sidelines.

One of the biggest problems I see with entrepreneurs is that they think a “strategy” or a “business” is inherently bad. Instead of taking responsibility. The simple fact that someone somewhere is doing better than you are means there is room for improvement.

But most people want to jump from cloud to cloud searching for the next rainbow instead of hunkering down, building a solid business, and watching as the clouds part to discover the rainbow was right there with them all along.

Think about this… how many professional athletes have a slump and instead of working on their skill, they switch sports because “it must be something with the sport – can’t be me.” None of them. So, as a business owner, don’t be so fickle.

And, while you may see this as contradictory to number 1, you should know it goes hand in hand. When you stay in the game, play more hands, get dealt more cards, you will find ways to win. And that’s exactly how you get lucky.


Luck Principle #1 is Expect to Get Lucky

Luck Principle #2 is Play to Get Lucky

And finally Number 3, go out and find Luck, don’t wait for it to find you.

In other words, create your own luck. The best way to describe this is that you are always aware and looking for opportunities, (or said another way “luck”).

For number 3, you are looking for people, places, things, ideas, and all of the above.

This is what my Doctors find at our events: smart, ambitious, positive-minded Doctors to be around and immersive, motivating and constructive environments to find new success. My goal is for me and my team to always be a Lucky Charm. We bring and create “luck” to our Dentists and their teams, with everything we do.

The bottom line to principle number 3, if you want more luck, you’ve got to be where luck is created. You won’t find it by yourself hiding in your office waiting for the sky to fall.

To review:

Luck Principle #1 is Expect to Get Lucky

Luck Principle #2 is Play to Get Lucky

Luck Principle #3 is Actively Search to Get Lucky

I challenge you to take inventory of how you invest your time, energy and resources to ensure you are focusing on these 3 BIG categories of action, thinking, and behavior.

These three principles will lead money to you and you to the money… and hanging around here with me, well, just consider me your lucky charm, bringing you plenty of good fortune.

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