When The Going Gets Tough…

When The Going Gets Tough…

February 28th, 2019 // 11:00 am @

When The Going Gets Tough…

There is one thing we all know for sure… if you are doing anything worthy of your life’s energy, time and expertise – then you are doing something that isn’t easy!
They say nothing worth doing is really easy, otherwise everyone else would have already done it.

Perhaps one of the most understated difference makers and true traits of Success, especially sustained success overtime is…


This means different things at different times for different people on your success path and mountain you are climbing in your business. Still, universally, I can tell you this: you can’t go anywhere without these 3 things having an impact and getting in your way no matter what you are doing…

How do you handle the pressure?
How do you cope when things don’t go according to plan?
How do you stay focused when clarity can’t be found?

All of these questions are part of our lives and business, daily. Especially if you are doing what it takes to be successful (which is a lot of stuff, all at once), you are going to have to fight through these issues more than any other.

Big bold dramatic change is required if you are going to truly create a life or business that you deem worthy of yourself that fulfills your dreams and aspirations. You most certainly will come under pressure to stay on track, you will have to stay true to your mission and adjust when your plans are disturbed.

And you will have to act like a compass and point true north in order to persevere steadily in the direction of your goals even when everything around you appears cloudy and you struggle to identify which way forward is.

I can tell you, without question, the most important aspect is to simply be true to yourself, to your dreams, ambitions, aspirations and everything that you want in life; be passionate and DO NOT TURN BACK.

Most people turn back, give up, redirect or go on some detour just before they are about to experience an amazing and transformative breakthrough – because that is when it’s the toughest – when there is the most pressure!

I always remind my Doctors REMEMBER WHY we are here and the purpose, passion, profits behind our mission!

When the going gets tough most question themselves, they relinquish and relent instead of endure and stay the course. In your business and personal life you will lose sight of your ambitions, your mission and your dreams from time to time – that is normal – it’s what you do to ensure you get back on track and you stay focused.

That’s why deciding in advance to NOT relent and to push forward is the key. Again I say, decide in ADVANCE, this is what commitment is all about. It is the secret to success. No question.

I have a couple tips for handling pressure.

First, get help. You need all hands on deck with people who support you, can be positive and encourage you. You know the saying, “it takes a village” and when you have pressure you need the help of others.

Second, AVOID the source of pressure, and anything that takes away from what you have already decided. This is anything or anyone that creates doubt in your mind. This is the most challenging thing to do and requires the greatest of discipline. You create a chain of links that keep you strong in your decision and then avoid anything that breaks the chain; pressure causes links to get weak, this you can’t subject yourself to.

Now, about coping, staying on track with the plan and adjusting when necessary.

I’m going to keep this one very brief: the end result is all that matters. The beginning and the end of “the plan” are the most important. Everything in between may or may not go accordingly, so you have to adjust and do so quickly while keeping your eye on the desired outcome. At the end of the day you have to count on and expect to adjust your plan as you go, but do so quickly and decisively.

Lastly, and I said just one, but this is critical, do those things that brought you to where you are at. Coping is as much about “remembering” the good things and finding peace in the things that bring you smiles, fun, comfort, and memories. Stick to your routine as much as possible and always stack the deck in your favor by enjoying the activities and behaviors that are reason for your mission and support the outcome you want.

I’ve given you some personal and business application. Bottom line: cope in motion, not standing still, and whatever you do, do not revert, give-in, or look back… the future is forward, always.

Every week I attempt to motivate, inspire and move you to action. I push you to think bigger, pursue all that you truly deserve and want. Life is too short to gamble away opportunity or to settle for anything less than EVERYTHING. We do a pretty good job of keeping each other motivated, but the path is not always easy, and in fact you are destined to face the three things I have listed here over and over again. The bigger your ambition and vision, the more pressure you will face, the more you will have to cope with change, and the more your focus will be tested.

Stay strong, stay true, and stay in a position of power using my advice from today. When you face times that try your soul, say to yourself, onward and upward I must go. It is your life to make, have, do whatever and all that you can with it.

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