Are You Doing Enough to Get More Customers?

Are You Doing Enough to Get More Customers?

February 7th, 2019 // 5:51 am @

Are You Doing Enough to Get More Customers?

I’m going to share with you very instructive principles that if followed lead to dramatic new customer, client and patient growth very consistently and we are going to build on this over the next few weeks. It begins with my 4 driving factors of nurturing and growing your business.
1. The person who shows up the most makes the most money

2. Nothing trumps personal relationship

3. There is something, most often many things that can always be done, more, better, faster in your business

4. You can’t be cheap when you are trying to build value in your business

oh and, number 5 as a bonus…

5. You can work SMARTER in all ways…but you can’t ever separate WORK from MONEY and building your business

You do, at the end of the day, have to ‘earn’ what you get, or better remembered as reaping what you sow.

Here’s why I’m telling you this.

Every year we do some deep research (which you should be doing too) about our most recent results of cultivating QUALITY Doctor and Client relationships and we discovered that they came from 7 different and very deliberate entry points, attracting devices and relationship initiating information.

And the crazy part was they were all equally spread out…imagine if any one of the 7 would have not been in place, that’s 15% lost, missed, wasted. 2 streams gone and now we’ve cut out what in most businesses is all the profit, 30%.

I’m telling you something, I have long preached that if you want to get more customers you must have more lines in the water, use nets, harpoons, your hands even. If you want to get more fish by standing on the shore talking about it you can be certain they won’t jump into your bucket or hook themselves on the line.

No different than any sports analogy if you have only one way to score points you aren’t going to score very many.

You must diversify your approach and give your customers more ways to engage. This is why most businesses struggle to breakthrough, why they just barely get by. They make enough for their owner but not enough to get rich or to really grow, it’s because there are no systems for leverage and they aren’t doing enough to cultivate relationships.

Each of these 7 streams are things done to nurture and grow individual relationships with customers to help them see value, learn more, move down the path to success.

We have many more sources of leads that move into our circle of influence and that is where most people stop, they focus on immediate gratification quick sales and transactions instead of relationships.

The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make are:

1. Going for the sale too quickly

2. Not nurturing or following-up

3. Not giving enough reasons, ways, information to create quality customers

On any given week I write 4 weekly articles, monthly send out Audio CDs, client profiles and success stories, a hard copy print newsletter, conduct many topic driven tele-seminars, work with personal referral partners, blog postings, email marketing, publish books and reports, and provide valuable training programs, all of these designed to deliver value and help people: to nurture doctors through our process and help grow them into better “customers” for us and practice owners for themselves.

If you want more customers and you want them to be better for themselves and you, consider doing more for them, leading by example and nurturing not just expecting, waiting, or acting entitled that they should for some reason give you their trust, money, business, attention, or anything else.

Earn it. It will feel better, they will last longer, and you’ll profit more because they’ll benefit greater.

In addition to this I often dozens of individualized and personal responses, memos, letters, answers to questions and generally helpful feedback to client doctors or prospective doctors who need some encouragement or help through the system.

I take it as my responsibility to help them help themselves. Most business owners live as slaves to their entrepreneurial idea because they don’t embrace, accept and take this responsibility seriously.

Think about it. And ask yourself what are you doing to nurture, cultivate, help, inform, educate your customers or your prospects or patients.

For our Doctors and their Team Members we always say the educated patient is the best patient. This is done through strategy on the phone, the welcome process, goal setting with them, their “exam” which most consider the only point and entire purpose of them being there and really it is all the other things that happen around it that lead to it being more valuable and increasing the patient value and outcome. On top of this there are specific presentation approaches, objection strategies and many different follow-up protocols.

Everything is designed around building a better patient and a strong trusting relationship for long term patient value and retention. Still even my Doctors don’t do enough to really create and nurture relationship BEFORE they even ever get a patient in the door.

Many are great with the patients they get but few are great at getting patients and the ones that they never see and make it in are the ones that add the richest most profitable and valuable icing to the cake.

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