Getting Out of Your Element

Getting Out of Your Element

October 11th, 2018 // 12:55 pm @

Getting Out of Your Element

A couple weeks ago, I hosted my most exclusive and private event of the year with many of my top Doctors. Each of these doctors have had a dedicated commitment to high-level performance with themselves and their team for a year or more.
The point of this retreat experience is to move our doctors outside of their “normal” routines, businesses and lives. We put them in a place where there are no limits to their thinking.

The concept this year was “charting your course, setting your sails” and basically renewing the doctors’ focus and passion for their greatest vision that they wish to not only pursue but to also actually realize.

Right off the bat with the first exercise, I challenged Doctors to remember their original motivation and what they wanted to experience as dentists and owners of their practices. This was to see just how exciting it was to them and to others listening. On the first attempt, I’d say not many passed the excitement test. Not because they aren’t successful or don’t like their business, not because they aren’t passionate and dedicated, but because anything, lived every day, gets old and mundane. We lose sight of what our original vision was all about.

Of course, by the end of the weekend immersion, it’s a different story. By then, they start to reach a heightened level of awareness, an increased overall confidence and above all else a dynamic new energy for their purpose, passion and profits.

This couldn’t happen in their own backyards, in their practices, personal offices or even home cities.

This is why you must get out of your element to continually get recharged, refocused, and reinvigorated as you renew the passion for your vision.

Anyone with any level of sustained success (achieved by leveraged execution, and not just hard work), will tell you, “Take more vacations and you’ll make more money.” Of course, you have to work in between the vacations, but the point is you must make room for your creative mind and keep up the momentum of your ideas and actions.

If you want to know one of the major differences between an employee mindset and an entrepreneur’s is this whole idea of monotonous routine, that things are supposed to stay the same. Literally, people work decades with the same schedule, same job, same life. There is nothing wrong with this. It’s just not you. It can’t be; not and make any progress in your business.

Here’s how you face the music…

If you feel yourself losing ground, not motivated to go take care of business or less eager to pursue your vision, then you have to find ways to break out of your funk. Change it up, doing something different, take a vacation and find your inspiration.

That’s just it. Our lives are not glamorous. It is hard work. Nobody really sees what goes on behind the scenes, daily, to make money materialize. Still, only You on your best game, being your best self, will give you the best results. So you have to find ways to stay in that place and stay at your best.

As long as you stay where you are at, “in the mix” of your daily routine, you have way too much baggage and attachment to things that trigger negative thoughts or just simply cloud your mind and creativity. You need to remove yourself and those things so that you can begin thinking clearly… getting away from it all to “find yourself” again and again.

This process never ends. That’s why you should schedule it into your life; those places and things that take you out of your element and allow you to think, breathe, create – freely. Without restriction or limitation.

This message (and the reason for our retreat), happens to be one of the most foundational, in your soul reasons you will succeed or not. If you stop dreaming you stop living. Since you were a child this is what shaped your very existence. Your business and your life will be as fun and exciting as your dreams are.

When you have lots of dreams, you have lots of reasons to find ways to be successful, reasons to stay motivated, reasons to enjoy the price it will take to make what you envision come true.

Oh yes, I’m a big believer…in you, and you must also. Here’s the thing: dreams do come true – but you’ve got to have them first.

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