Where the War is Waged!

Where the War is Waged!

September 27th, 2018 // 10:26 am @

Where the War is Waged!

When it comes down to it, there is one and only one primary determining factor for your success. At least it’s where it all begins, and ends, it’s where the war is waged!
Like the nucleus of a cell, the center of your universe, the core of everything you do, achieve, sustain, and enjoy is driven by your image of yourself.

What you believe you deserve.
What you believe you can accomplish.
What you believe is possible, period.

It all comes down to your self-image. And this, my friends is, the most important muscle you can exercise in your entire body. The muscle that controls how you live your life in business and in all other ways.

This is why the saying goes “the most important person to take care of in your life is YOURSELF.”

If you want to be everything you can be to the people you love and care for in your life and to your customers and people in your business, you must be living and operating at peak performance.

WORKING ON YOURSELF is your number one priority and that never changes.
At least not as long as you want to keep progressing and achieving your dreams and desires, your goals and ambitions.

You will find that almost all short comings in life and settling for less than you deserve in anything all comes down to what we call your “deserve level”. Which is like your self-image-o-meter. If you improve this, raise this, work on this, and increase your Deserve Level you will increase everything else you have, do, are.

How? You ask.

Back in my martial arts days as part of the training the students were taught something called “The Black Belt Attitude”.

It’s three things –


And the point I made to each of the students during their training session was all three of these things have one thing in common. That is that they are all controlled by you.

You choose to be respectful.
You choose to be focused.
You choose to be confident.

In fact, that’s perhaps the most underlining principle of martial arts, control over oneself.

And if you want to achieve more in life you must have, want, take more control over yourself. That is the nature of “working on yourself”.

Most people get it backwards, they are always trying to fix everyone else, everything else, all that is around them – instead of fixing the one thing that they can control! Themselves. YOU!

Also in martial arts, to build confidence we practiced the concept of little wins. Learning a new kick, then a move, then a series of moves, then doing things more challenging, then break boards, and on and on. And that is exactly how you build up your confidence and belief in yourself, by getting lots of little wins.

Little wins lead to big victories. Of course, you can’t just fill up the bases in a baseball game with base hits unless someone brings them home. But a hit with the bases loaded drives runs without it having to be a home run. If you are swinging enough and increasing your confidence you will soon start swinging for the fences and that is the only way to hit one out of the park

What is a home run for you in your life and business right now?
What are you swinging for the fences on?

You want to be challenging yourself but also setting yourself up for success. Example – BEING HERE – that helps to do that. You have other ways in your life also.

One of the best things you can do and that’s why you are here is to always be fueling yourself with all the things that are supportive, encouraging, helpful for your self-image and in progressing towards your goals and objectives.

That means the books you read, the shows you watch, the people you hang around, the things you do, etc. Place yourself around people that make you feel good about yourself.

One of the best things you can do is be a person that others want to be around because you make them feel better about themselves too. No team members want to win for an ungrateful leader and for someone who says one thing and does another. That’s why I have always believed the best leadership is leadership by example.

Your ability to empower yourself and empower others has everything to do with how you feel about yourself. And it is a war, a battle with every thought, ever minute, every interaction, every day. People, life, will try to beat you down because they want control over you – you must fight back and always know that You can have, do, be, achieve everything that you deserve, and you will.

The part they never tell you is, what you deserve is up to you, dependent on how you feel about yourself.

Self-image is everything, at the end of every day, at the beginning of the next one, it’s all you’ve got…

You – are – all – You – have – got.

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