They just want the answers…

They just want the answers…

August 31st, 2018 // 10:17 am @

They just want the answers…

I’ve shared with you the many ways to grow your business. Now, more specifically, how to get more money out of your customers, patients and prospects. It’s perhaps simpler than you may think but it impacts every promotion, campaign, presentation you make in any part of your business.
Cutting straight to the point, we’ll cover the 3 most important things You must do to increase your conversions.

You’ve probably heard the old public speaking concept of

“Tell them what you’re going to tell them.”

“Tell them.”

And “tell them what you told them.”

That’s very similar to what your prospects want as well. To put it simply, they want you to give them the answers.

Oh come on, what’d you think that they actually wanted to figure stuff out on their own. Heavens no – why would they be giving you money then.

As my friend Bill Glazer always said, “they don’t want you to teach them how to fish, they just want the damn fish.”

And in making a buying decision it is no different.

You will make more money, convert more prospects, and altogether live a less frustrated life if you exert more control!

Here they are…

1 – You must tell your prospects HOW they should FEEL

2 – You must tell your prospects WHAT they should DO

3 – You must tell your prospects WHY they should BUY

Let me emphasize this point, if they knew what to do, how to feel and why to buy, they certainly wouldn’t need you selling them, now would they.

So, I challenge you, double dog dare you, draw a line in the sand in front of you, and say you’ve got to stop wasting your opportunities, you’ve got to stop leaving it up to your prospects, and your income up to chance.

Remember, Marketing and Selling go together, but what’s in between is CONVERSION and it is taken far to casually and left up to the buyer when it is your responsibility to convert prospects into customers, clients or patients.

A quick review… getting prospects to buy more (give you more money) is founded upon you addressing the HOW WHAT WHY. That is the hurdle they must overcome in order to say yes.

You are the expert, you are looked at as the authority and you must give the answers in order to facilitate the exchange of value.

When you take more control (by covering these three concepts), you will find your customers/patients/clients following you, listening to you, and buying more of what you sell.

It’s all about who you want to be in control, dictating your life, business or income: You or your customer. Think about it – then do something.

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