Protecting Yourself, Your Business

Protecting Yourself, Your Business

June 14th, 2018 // 11:27 am @

Protecting Yourself, Your Business

This week, I began re-reading the Four Agreements, my all time favorite and most influential book in my life. Every time I read it, it “changes” me all over again. I’ve never read something that puts oneself in perspective understandably so, than this book.

I suppose like most all things it could be summarized, but it’s concepts are intricate and requiring constant studying, and more importantly than studying, constant focus and discipline, protection.

I use that word very literally, your success in life will be in large degree equal to the protection you give it and keep away all things that go against whatever you are trying to do.

For example, if you would like to be happy, stay away from unhappy people. Positive, stay away from negative people.

Zig Ziglar says in his recordings, “feed your mind with the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive”

This is your shield against all that is opposite of it. That detracts from your purpose. From living at your highest potential, your best self.

Okay, so about business and making money. This is about protection also. Protecting your customers, your ideas, your efforts, most importantly your progress, focus, and discipline. And of course your profits.

People who struggle through their business, their days and months, usually have this overlying problem – they are not focusing on the most important part, they get distracted, they let other people’s agendas and influence sway their own vision.

If you do nothing else, you should be focusing on the three ways to grow your business each and every month. You want to make more money, do things that make you more money.

Resist all others. In your business, protection is as critical as it is for you personally. In fact, they are one in the same. If fear, doubt, hesitancy creep in you are in trouble, and soon find yourself lacking motivation and clear direction.

Fight this battle daily and be strong minded and determined towards your ultimate goals and objectives.

One of the best and most significant things to drive you forward is this –


Now, a quick review, three ways to grow your business…

More new customers, patients, clients
More money from your current customers, patients, clients
More frequency of purchase or transaction from your customers, patients, clients

So, put all of these together, more money from more customers more often. That is the secret formula to all the riches.

How do you do that…well, there are ways, systematic, formulaic ways to do all three. I’ll reveal those to you next week.

This week, practice Protecting yourself. Analyze how you are really spending your time and in which direction, whose agenda you are serving most.

Use Zig’s 5 things to feed yourself with and take a checkup on your own life and see where you are letting things creep in that you should not.

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