5 Success Strategies You Should Be Using Right NOW

5 Success Strategies You Should Be Using Right NOW

May 24th, 2018 // 1:12 pm @

5 Success Strategies You Should Be Using Right NOW

I don’t know about you but I haven’t come up for air yet… the year is flying by and you just have to keep your foot on the gas and speed forward – but don’t miss everything that you are experiencing (and learning) along the way. Because Life, Change, Growth, pretty much everything is ALL ABOUT MOMENTUM.

You are either still trying to figure out what you are going to do to make the most of the rest of 2018, determining your goals, and just starting to think about what changes to make and what to do differently… or you are head first, knee deep, sleeves rolled up W O R K I N G!

The nice thing about being my client (you can laugh, hey, if you aren’t self-serving, you aren’t going to get to eat…you just have to take care of everyone around you too – be worth it and it won’t matter) is that I force progress for you.

We help to plan out their year, track their results, and drive new initiatives so they can’t help but move forward and pick up speed.

Here’s some of the things we think about AND do early in the Year that I thought would be instructive and you can leverage and apply to your own business.

First – Acknowledge your customers, celebrate seasons and Holidays, make it fun… yes, you probably did this way back for the New Year, but this is different. It’s Spring and people are just waking up and starting to have energy again, most people drag ass going through the first few months of the year, they aren’t excited and they need to be, give them something to be excited about and remind them you care and are glad they are along for the ride with you.

Second – Empower Your People. That includes anyone who supports you, you pay them, you ask them for favors, or they in some way are a part of your “team”. Momentum is about alignment of purpose.

This is really the flip side because just like your customers need excitement, your team needs focus because they are experiencing spring fever.

I know you think “paying” people to do work is enough, it is not. They aren’t entitled to work for you and you aren’t entitled to pay them, it’s a decision you both make and the reality is, if they were you and didn’t need motivation they would be your boss. So show ‘em you care and are excited about what’s to come, if you aren’t they won’t be, and then you can layout the gauntlet of expectations that are going to drive your year’s performance and success. Find out what’s a victory to them and keep them focused on that.

Third – all of this now is based on something…you actually have to have a mission, purpose, passion, worthy of excitement. You have to know what that is, what this year is “about” for you. Refocus on that right now to make sure the next 60 days accelerate you forward.

Fourth – KNOW YOUR NUMBERS – what does it actually take to achieve your desired outcomes. Down to each Customer, Client, Patient relationship; each Team Member’s performance; and down to your day, week, and month.

One big mistake I always see is people thinking every day is going to be the same or every month is a repeat of the last, this shouldn’t be the case. Why would you want it to be?

Don’t you want to stretch yourself each month moving forward?

Pick one thing to focus on if you have to and master that, this month, and then build on top of that next month.

If you aren’t executing inside of your business this way then you aren’t really running it like a business. You are only an employee of your own company and pretty much leaving it up to chance, accident, random occurrence as to the results you will be left with at the end of the year.

Now, it all depends on the nature of your business, but I will tell you I like to look at it one of three ways.

Either, quarterly growth (which is typical), or Annual Acceleration, by that I mean: 5 months, 4 months, 3 months which equals 12 months and the idea is you work hard to create your 1 year’s objectives in 5 months, then repeat but take one month away, and then repeat again and take another month away. By the end of the year, you’ve achieved several years worth of progress.

That’s the ultimate acceleration plan and it helps to drive your focus down to a shorter period of time to achieve your stated goals and results in a condensed calendar. It’s really miraculous how this works.

Or the last option is just the month to month growth, usually designed around the “one thing” I mentioned earlier to put in place or trigger some increase monthly and then never fall below that. Growing at 10-20 percent per month compounded over 12 months is a magnitude and multiple of growth, versus looking at it linearly like “10% for the year” soooooo boring…and unchallenging. C’mon.

You are now at a critical stage for hitting your goals in the year – you can’t wait until the end to do it – you have to calibrate everything – and adjust your goals up (never down) to continue this acceleration and compounding.

Fifth – finally to keep you focused moving into the mid-year stretch, check your leverage points, re-grease the wheels, look over your systems and strive to increase your conversion at every point of customer, client, patient interaction.

If you get more leads in, more leads to convert, more conversion faster at higher dollar figures and increase referrals and so on and so forth…you win big and literally can’t stop the growth.

This is why I always say it really is true if you do the RIGHT things by way of your customers the money will take care of itself. This is about creating a better experience and more memorable interaction with you, that drives conversion and the rest just falls into place.

Play prospect, be your customer, scrutinize your own sales process and educational funnel and look at every way to improve your delivery, your outcomes, your customer satisfaction and follow-through.

I hope this week’s Newsletter helps you to prioritize what really matters and you are certain to focus on the highest and best use of your Spring while you still have time left to ramp up and power through this second set of four months and build momentum for the rest of your year and for your future.

Success is more than just taking action, it’s about doing the right things, leveraging your time and above all else heading in the direction of your goals and life ambitions. Life shouldn’t be a train to nowhere going around in circles. Every year it’s your chance at another journey, an adventure to do more, be more, enjoy more, have more, and go where you want and reap the rewards you deserve for helping the people you serve!

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