Stop Buying Other People’s Solutions

Stop Buying Other People’s Solutions

January 31st, 2018 // 3:40 pm @

Stop Buying Other People’s Solutions

One of the most incredible testimonials I have ever received was from my good friend and Wealth Member Dr. Moberly in Seattle. He said about me that it was nice that someone was helping him accomplish his vision instead of trying to sell them their cookbook that is the same for every other doctor. He said it was great not to be chasing someone else’s dream.

I’m forever grateful for his statements because that is what my life is all about – helping others be their best, achieve their goals, live out their vision and reach their greatest potential.

The challenge becomes when you look outside of yourself for other people’s solutions and you try to become a copycat.

That is what most people selling to you want you to be. They want you to fit into their mold because it’s easiest for them. Living by the notion of “well, that’s what works” and expecting you to replicate what others have done.

There is of course value in seeking out expertise, advice and strategies from people who have already been successful doing something you aspire to do. There is merit in going outside of both your own business and your entire industry to look for breakthroughs and new ideas. That is how businesses evolve.

It’s a very fine line though. There is a giant difference in searching for inspiration, ideas or new strategies to try versus buying other’s off-the-shelf solutions for your problems.

How much customization to your dining experience do you get in a buffet line? Sure you get to pick different foods but it’s prepared for the masses. Don’t like a seasoning, prefer it extra spicy, or have allergy? Too bad, the food is made to be acceptable to as many people as possible.

A fine dining experience on the other hand, while you may eat what the chef prepares you get to control your experience and customize your order.

You can’t buy other people’s solutions and think that you found the shortcut and the easy way out. It doesn’t work that way – not for a real sophisticated and serious business.

The principles of all businesses are the same. These are core concepts that must exist to that make a business stable and able to grow, regardless of industry. However, it’s the nuances that make your business unique and that really keep your customers coming back.

Never lose sight of what makes you, you. You should have your list of these things outlined somewhere for all to see. Remind your team and remind your customers.

Go searching, never stop learning, be on the lookout, an explorer for new ideas and breakthroughs that you haven’t thought of before. Challenge yourself and be around people smarter and more experienced than you in areas you want to improve and grow in.

Just always hold the integrity of your own vision, goals, business approach and methodology. Beware of anyone trying to get you to change your core as it takes you away from who you are and who you want to be.

People selling you stuff have their own agendas. You must always ask yourself does the benefits of what you are buying align with the agenda that you have. Of course, something that worked for one will work for others in part but never in whole – because they are two different businesses, in two different towns, with different teams, customers, different experiences and operating procedures, etc.

Nothing is as it appears on face value because there is no cookie cutter template for success. Embrace your own unique path to reaching your full potential.

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