Living In A Bubble Ain’t So Bad

Living In A Bubble Ain’t So Bad

January 24th, 2018 // 4:16 pm @

Living In A Bubble Ain’t So Bad

Do you know many people work so hard every day to get out of working that it would have been much easier to just do the job. Guilty! Haha. Of course, we all are at some point. But, the problem gets much deeper than this.

You’ve heard the saying, ”Too busy to make any money.”

And boy oh boy this problem just gets worse and worse including social media, continual distractions with new technologies and other things that take you away from YOUR MAIN THING.

I’m going to make a bold statement right now…

Success is not all that difficult, the challenge is that most entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, doctors and anyone else who is otherwise responsible for their own success and income – make success difficult.

Let me hit you with two of my favorite sayings from the Greats of Our Time:

Zig Ziglar used to always say, “Remember you have to keep the main thing the main thing in order to accomplish the main objective”

In other words, FOCUS on what’s important, what actually gets you results.

BLUNTLY Stated – Other People’s Objectives are not yours – other people’s AGENDAS are not yours – other people’s goals are not yours either.

If you aren’t focused on YOUR MAIN THING – no one else will be.


Jim Rohn says, “Even God worked six and rested one, let’s not get the two confused…work six days rest one”

Of course, I’m the Master of the Lifestyle Business Blueprint so you can in fact design your work and life to be exactly what you want it to be – however that also means you MUST BE WORTHY of making the money you wish to make.

Yes, balance is fine and necessary, but no you cannot be lazy and expect to win.

YES YOU HAVE TO OUT PLAY, PRACTICE, WORK the other team to secure a victory.

Success doesn’t happen by chance – it happens by strategy, determination, hard work, common sense, and combining the expertise of others’ together.

It happens when you FOCUS on what is important, what actually makes you money.

So many people use up so much time with waste and haste; trying to pretend they are busy that they forget to actually do something.

Look, your reality is this: You are many other people’s customer, people are on a mission to get your attention and your money and the more successful you become the more opportunities that will come your way, the more things you are able to afford and do the more apt you are to be distracted. You have to fight this urge.

I do not know a single multi-millionaire client doctor or otherwise that I work with personally or know as friend or associate who is actively engaged in Social Media – unless they use it specifically for the purpose of driving their business…more often through the hands and efforts of others.

For example, if you sell social media you probably ought to be “using it” to practice what you preach – that is the only way you should live and the only people you should do business with.

But, aside from that, I can’t name one person playing on Social Media that runs, owns, or is paid Millions annually from their expertise, knowledge, or empires they have built regardless of the profession.

Because they are too busy doing what only THEY can do – winning at their goals and objectives and following their plans and agenda.

Another funny thing happens the more successful you become…for this one I’ll use myself as example although to each his own. I do watch TV, I’d say 2-4 hours a week depending on the season and time of year…we record the shows and watch them all in one night.

One night. Not every night.

If you drive through the worst parts of town, areas you wouldn’t dare step foot in, you will notice something on top of every roof or on the side of every house, a Satellite Dish.

I will assure you of something, there isn’t a “poor” person in North America that could otherwise CONTROL their own circumstances that doesn’t have their TV on pretty much all the time, and they will pay that bill before they pay any other.

Once you become more successful you focus becomes laser sharp you become undeterred by anything to your purpose and agenda.

Over the past several weeks I have given you lists, strategies, core beliefs and priorities that you must focus on take your life and business to the next level.

Sense of Urgency
Tactical leverage points.

I try hard every week to give you things to keep you focused, to keep you on track, to keep you moving forward without anything getting in your way.

This week I want to remind you of the importance of KNOWING YOUR PLAN and Sticking to it. This is critical.

What are you focused on this week.

For most life divides into four categories.
The Customer, Patients, Clients You Are Trying to Get that you do not have yet.
The Customer, Patients, Clients You have already that need taken care of and appreciated.
The Team that helps you do both of the above.
And your Own Personal self, family, and life that you must always work to achieve a state of ideal environment and peak performance.

Leave room in life for drama, drama will ensue, have a schedule and a life so demanding that there is no time for waste and you’ll be surprised how simple life can be.

Living in a bubble may not be all that exciting and entertaining but then that depends on how you define excitement and entertainment. 

When you are successful in your own world – it’s amazing – because you can afford to travel to any other part of the world and take a vacation from reality as often as you see fit. 

The reward for keeping your eye on the ball is that you have the freedom to take it off when you choose to and truly be liberated. 

Here are the important questions for you…

What are you trying to achieve right now in your life? 

What is your primary focus, your main thing? 

What are your top three-five areas of responsibility that you affect, deal with, progress forward and work on each and every week? 

What is the one big challenge or negative influence or problem you have in your life right now that if addressed, removed, eliminated, fixed would allow you to accelerate progress? 

How would you answer this question: 2018 will be the year that I _________________?

To me, these questions you should be able to answer immediately, confidently, quickly, and weekly – if you are progressing and doing the right things in your life and business there will be change. 

You will embrace a philosophy of CONSTANT and NEVER ENDING Improvement and it will always begin with You. 

Hey, do yourself a favor, we are one month into a very short year (only 11 more cycles to go), no more excuses, no more delay, no more making success more difficult that what it is – define it, create clarity, and live with disciplined focus. 

Okay – time to get crazy, make your life everything you want it to be, fill it up with fun, and stay focused on The Main Things in your life and business that will get you where you want to go and give you the results and rewards and lifestyle you deserve. 

Your Power, as they say, lies within…
Embrace it, Believe it, Use it

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