Your ‘Secret’ Responsibility and Ultimate Success Factor

Your ‘Secret’ Responsibility and Ultimate Success Factor

October 4th, 2017 // 4:15 pm @

Your ‘Secret’ Responsibility and Ultimate Success Factor

As a business owner, your number one responsibility is to make a profit. Period. Because nothing else happens, no one else is benefited, if you don’t. If you go out of business or if you are losing money then you can’t pay your bills, your people, yourself and you certainly can’t deliver on your customer promises. You need a highly profitable and healthy enterprise.

There is another responsibility that comes with Business Ownership if you choose to accept the challenge and embrace the significance of what it means.

I call it a secret because very few know it let alone understand it.

It is all about what the real opportunity for impact and your ability to sustain long term relationships with your customers. It’s where the actual value comes from deep beneath the surface of products, services, transactions and money.

I will summarize it in one sentence that was taught and told to me by a mentor long ago… personal development is hard to sell on the front end but it is essential for success on the back end.

What that means in plain English is this…

Your customers will never buy from you based on the real value that you will bring into their life; instead in the beginning they will buy because of obvious benefits to them without really understanding how it will make them feel and the real transformation you can have for them.

Example: My amazing doctors provide life changing care to their patients. But if you said, “Patient please pay me $50,000 for your new smile because you are going to feel so good about yourself.” They will not believe you or believe they are worth it.

Instead you say, “You deserve this because so many people in your life want you to be happy, because your mouth is falling apart and you are going to lose your teeth, because you will continue to have problems in your life because of the bone loss, disease, inability to chew properly, etc, etc.”

The point is, a year later patients come back and talk about all the memories they have made, the inner feeling of self-worth and confidence they feel, and they would say they would pay double and they would have completed this much earlier in their lives if they would have known how it made them feel.

It is very hard to sell with intangible benefits of the future because the customer can’t see it.

For me, my doctors, if I told them that the greatest benefit they will receive from me is much the same as their patients get from them (long term health, peace of mind, greater confidence, ability to have more discipline and become a more inspiring and effective leader), they would agree with all of those things and they would want them but they wouldn’t believe they could personally and actually achieve them.

Instead, I start by telling them you are going to make more money, help more patients, pay your team what they are worth and finally use your skills.

The fact is, none of those things are possible if we don’t go to work on their mindset and beliefs – stuff they won’t buy – but things that they need in order to accomplish the goals they are investing in.

Regardless of your products, services and customers, know this: unless you influence, educate and elevate their thinking about themselves, their health, the value of their time, life, worth then they won’t fully develop as a quality customer for you.

The old adage is that people buy emotionally and they justify logically – this is not enough – you must commit to developing your customers and the way they think and feel about themselves.

Think deeply about this message today. It is the secret responsibility that you should take and that will lead to many incredible breakthroughs in your business and long term customer value.

You must live (believe) what you preach and own what you sell. Think about that line.

Times like these, this week, Las Vegas, is a perfect example of being an inspiring leader to your team and your customer base. Be someone that brings hope to them.

You want to be the source for uplifting thoughts and personal development. What keeps people around is when they feel like a better person and more capable version of themselves because they hang around with you and call themselves your customer, patient, client, friend.

Choose to accept this secret and significant responsibility and you will also feel the transformation in yourself and the ease of opportunity and prosperity that flows to you. As people are attracted so shall abundance be yours.

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