To Get More Money – Do More of This!

To Get More Money – Do More of This!

October 11th, 2017 // 3:47 pm @

To Get More Money – Do More of This!

In my office, I have one of those daily calendars stuck open to a certain page. I don’t remember the date, but the saying is what matters. It’s sitting on the shelf dedicated to prosperity and wealth attraction of this particular bookshelf that spans probably 12 x 10 feet. There, in this tiny little spot, sits this small little piece of paper with the ultimate permission slip to make as much money as humanly possible and be proud of it.

It says… “Money is what you get when you solve problems.”

There. Plain. Simple. Truth.

It doesn’t say you get money for spending time, for giving away things, for working hard. It doesn’t say anything about being judged or whether you are doing good or bad. It doesn’t put a limit on it.

It says – when you solve problems, you get money.

That should be refreshing.

President Trump has been quoted many times saying, “Rich people are rich because they solve difficult problems. You must learn to thrive on problems.”

There is nothing more important in being in business for yourself than coming to grips with this reality – accepting and embracing it – owning your responsibility and doing whatever you can to solve as big and as many and as high level of problems as you possibly can for as many people as possible.

You have undoubtedly heard the saying about “find a need and fill it” as a way of choosing a business opportunity. Really, it is “find a problem and solve it.”

In your business you must be solving…

Problems of your customers, clients, patients.
Problems of your team and employees.
Problems of your industry.
Problems of yourself.

Of course, there are difficult ones, there are pain in the ass ones, there are so many things you have to deal with that you probably prefer not to. From now on, instead of dread or resent them, you welcome them like a baseball player standing at the plate waiting for their next pitch to swing and hit out of the park.

Real business people thrive on problem solving.

The goal should be to have everyone in your organization solving problems and never bringing you problems and instead bringing you solutions to those problems.

You are free from this point forward to remind your people that money is something they get for solving problems so if they are bringing your problems (or worse yet causing your problems) then they are costing you money and thus should be paying to work there.

Now, when you look at your business you must get really serious and laser focused on what problems you solve for your customers, clients, patients and you have to really go to work emphasizing that in their minds so they see greater value in you than just going through the motions.

To extrapolate from both of these quotes – the more value, relief, benefit someone receives from their problems being solved, the more it is worth to them.

You want to be a source of hope and inspiration and positivity to your customers; however, as we discussed last week, most people are ready for that after you solve their problems first. Most people will more rapidly move their money into a place that is filling a void, solving a problem, getting them out of pain before they will something that is going to give them a little or a lot more pleasure or benefit.

This is why your selling process must determine what your customers’ driving motivations are and what is going to push them over the edge to really want to invest in and enjoy the rewards from their exchange with you.

On a deeper level, I said it in this article just briefly and I hope you didn’t miss it because it is the underlying most critical piece of this quote and of your own personal mindset.

Any business person who is frustrated by or in avoidance over or feeling anything negative or resentful with the problems they are encountering – you are going to do a whole lot of damage to yourself because you will be causing yourself more problems not less – because only with gratitude of having the opportunity to solve a problem do you develop enough clarity to see through it and work to prevent it from happening again.

I teach my incredible dentists to tell their patients they want to be proactive with their existing problems and then focus on prevention of any future problems so they get double the value because they are doing two things at once.

In your business – never forget – you are your first and most important customer. You are your own client and patient. You must solve your problems first before you can effectively solve anyone else’s.

This will always lead to breakthroughs in your business and you should welcome that. Just don’t let the same problems happen twice.

Today think about this quote… feel good about it… and charge out into the world to go find some big problems to solve and be proud of the work you do.

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