Why Most Businesses Fail To Win Consistently

Why Most Businesses Fail To Win Consistently

September 20th, 2017 // 4:27 pm @

Why Most Businesses Fail To Win Consistently

Every year about this time I bring out my now famous Football Analogies. I just love football. Thanks to my brother really. So long ago he got me interested and I became a dedicated Peyton Manning fan and followed him from Indianapolis to Denver.

I would say that me mentioning Peyton after having talked about Mayweather for the past two weeks seems like quite a dichotomy – you’d be wrong. While they are about the two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to personality, they are nearly identical in their approach to their career and building real personal brands with incredible wealth.

And while their strategies may be different, they both share in their principles for success.

Speaking of principles, I think football applies so much to business and it should apply to you in several ways…

You have Team Members with key positions, roles, strengths and responsibilities.

A playbook that maximizes everyone’s talents and especially protects the quarterback on your team (you).

Then there is Coaching helping you achieve constant improvement, focus on the basics and watching from the outside observing both your performance and the oppositions.

However, the thing I really love about football especially (while many sports I think can apply this, I believe football is the best example), you achieve W’s by doing two key things…

1st – Having principles that guide your play as you control the type of game you want: fast, slow, high scoring, low scoring, defense or offense centric.

The key is maximizing your strengths and having a principle driven game plan and playbook that uses these to give you an advantage.

2nd – Once you have your principled approach, then you have to customize these against your opponents and do everything you can to exploit their weaknesses.

You do not try to beat what they are great at. You try to find your competitive advantage and maneuver your game plan around this.

This is the strategy that wins games and culminates with championships.

Anyone can get lucky by winning one game, but in order to string together a season of successes, you have to become incredible at doing these two things.

The key for your business is building your playbook around your strengths and then using those to exploit opportunities in the market place – through solving problems, adding value, outsmarting the competition, strengthening your customer relationships through education and experiences.

Every week, just as a new team brings new adjustments, you have new opportunities which require reassessment of how to win, with a reliance on your guiding principles that make you great in the first place.

A new season is upon us and a new time for you to go to work on improving your playbook for your business. Every day, week, month – every customer and opportunity – a new game that you have to play – to win.

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