Lessons From “The Best Ever”

Lessons From “The Best Ever”

September 6th, 2017 // 4:01 pm @

Lessons From “The Best Ever”

I’m not sure many of you reading this saw the “big” fight. Probably not, but who knows. I attribute a great deal of my success from being observant and studious of everything where there may be lessons to learn.

Characteristics are not different from the ultra rich or ultra entrepreneurs or ultra anything. There are differences in personality, in traits, in beliefs; but not in behavior, mindset, discipline.

When Floyd Mayweather decided to fight his last fight against Connor McGregor he did so intentionally for three very important reasons…

1. He wanted to break the world record and achieve 50 wins and zero losses ousting the great Rocky Marciano. Of course, if you follow the sport at all or at least respect history and athletic achievements, you know that Rocky tragically died at 46 in a plane crash. He also knocked out some 40 of his 49 opponents while never losing and going 49-0. Really no comparison to most of Mayweather’s hyped up fights that are more of a business than a competition.

Still, you have to respect 50-0 and the massive media, promotion, business and money empire he has amassed.

2. He picked an opponent like he always does that he knows he will beat, because of his strategy, experience and study out of the ring. He is masterful in the ring and you wouldn’t know if you don’t know the psychology of a fighter who wins with the brain more than the body.

3. He wanted a fight that would accomplish his biggest objective of all – promotion and hype unlike anything else – something with selling power.

Before I say anything else, let me say that Connor McGregor did something no one else has ever done in the UFC by crossing over into boxing and going straight for the Champ. No one with any sense thought he would win a boxing fight. Put Mayweather, or anyone else for that matter, in the octagon and watch out. With boxing, you take away most of his weapons and more than anything you take away the one key thing that defines his victories – control over his opponent as in actually being able to physically manhandle them.

I do believe he thought he would win and he was honest in his publicity; but he also had to be. Who is going to watch a fight were one person says, “Yes, I’m the underdog and stand very little chance of winning,” – no body.

Now here is what you may not know…

On the inside of the persona of Floyd Mayweather is probably the most sophisticated sports mogul alive today. He single handedly change the game and business of boxing. He has been the sole brains behind his own operation that has turned into an empire of one man.

He understood early on, that more than anything, he is in the money business – not the boxing business. That boxing is his vehicle for wealth. He became his own promoter and got paid more for being the businessman than the boxer.

He actually accepted very few fights spread out on his terms against fighters he knew he could beat. This allowed him to spend more time creating attention, leveraging exposure and building his brand.

While you may not approve of who he is or his past; still here’s what you must know: when you only judge others, you miss the lessons that could lead to your greatest breakthroughs.

If you learn nothing else from observing and studying Floyd Mayweather, grasp this: if you want to be successful in your business remember that the most work, focus, attention, development should be on you, your life, your business and how you maximize the profit – and less time on the actual doing of your thing.

You can always see the obvious difference between the discrepancy of people who are actually successful versus those who continue to struggle or underperform – it’s all about where they put their focus.

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