Making Customers More Valuable [Part 3 of 5]: Position Confidently

Making Customers More Valuable [Part 3 of 5]: Position Confidently

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Making Customers More Valuable [Part 3 of 5]: Position Confidently

Zig Ziglar always said, “Timid salespeople have skinny kids.” Perhaps no truer messages about selling were ever spoken. The fact is, if people desperately wanted to buy what you are selling, they would have already bought it by now. The other fact is, that however they ended up in front of you means that they are now a willing participant in your sales experience – never forget that.

They volunteered. Therefore, you owe it to yourself and to them to do the right thing and bring them to a “yes.”

Get it? That is your responsibility.

Anyone saying anything other than that is lying to you. Anyone who isn’t comfortable with that isn’t very successful (and therefore isn’t helping very many people).

I teach my dentists and their team members not to push money and financial success away, instead to embrace and be proud of it because it means you are helping more people, which is the point.

If you are timid about what you do, you really should either let someone else do the talking and selling or you need to get the hell out of your profession.

If you aren’t proud…
If you aren’t confident…
If you don’t believe…

Then you are hurting everyone around you and there isn’t a customer, client or patient on the earth that is going to give you any money, let alone trust or ever tell their friends about you.

Of course, I know that isn’t you otherwise I would have scared you off from this place right here a long long time ago.

Still, you can’t let these people in your organization. You must make sure everyone in your company, your business, your practice is standing up proud of what you do, who you are, how you help people and above all how much you charge.

Positioning is critical and it is about more than just confidence. It is also about exclusivity. About not being desperate. About being certain that you are the right person in the customers’ eyes. That they are better off right here with you than they are with anyone else, with any alternative or with any competitor.

Here’s the thing: if everyone can have you, no one will want you. Being accessible, cheap, convenient – these are all words that describe a commodity.

You want to be the opposite of anything that looks or sounds like that. And you can do it while still serving your customer in any way you want. Even if (not that I condone it) that is being on the lower side of price or being a more convenience play for people or serving more across the spectrum of your potential customer base.

All of that is fine. It is about how you present that and how you position it.

This goes for every piece of marketing and for every word spoken by any person in your organization and for every step, touch, point of contact and engagement in the sales experience and on and on.

You must maintain positioning if you want to increase your customers value.

Think about yours now and what you could do better and if there are any places where people inside of your business sabotage your positioning and credibility right now.

No one wants to be part of something that is perceived as anything other than the best for them. No one wants to buy from someone who is uncertain or even a little wishy washy about what customers’ decisions should be in regards to what or how or why they are buying from you.

You have so much more control over all of this than you think and probably than you want and therein lies most of the problem of conversion and increasing customer value… it has more to do with what you do, what you think and how you are positioning yourself – not your customers.

And that should be refreshingly good news.

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