The Real Price of Independence

The Real Price of Independence

July 5th, 2017 // 3:48 pm @

The Real Price of Independence

Oh, it’s not easy being free. However, the alternative is far more painful. And yet there are people all around you who live as though they are not free because they refuse to pay the price to really be liberated so they can be in control of their own outcomes.

Most choose outcomes dictated and determined by others so they do not have to live with the reality of their own results and be responsible for what happens.

The ultimate price was and continues to be paid for us by others. I am privileged to have so many veterans reading these messages every single week who have chosen entrepreneurship and business ownership as their vehicle for celebrating the freedom that they helped to create.

Not really that long ago, the ultimate price was paid and the grand vision was had for our total independence. Since that time and still today, brave men and women go into the literal trenches and defend our rights.

What is so important to understand is that what you and I choose to do with that freedom… Our ambition and our prosperity takes sacrifice but it is only an option because of those who have given even more.

There is no comparison to the price paid by the service men and women, or the sacrifices they and their families make. Their decisions to dedicate their lives to keep our rights to have life, liberty and pursue our own happiness is what makes America great. You honor this tradition by doing well and exhibiting your drive, vision, ingenuity, ambition, desire and pride.

The real price each of us faces with independence is the price of results. Nothing was promised other than the ability to be independent. That’s it. The foresight of our founding fathers gives you today the opportunity to choose what you do and how you do it and why you do it and who you do it for.

You pay the price of owning the results you get. They are yours and yours alone.

Remember when you wake up every day and walk into your chosen path that you must honor it and be proud of it. You have decided to pay the price to earn and take complete responsibility over the outcomes you get.

Over the next few weeks, to really bring to life what independence means to you as a business owner, I’m going to highlight three different facets of independence that you may not often think about. Things that our capitalism and autonomy make possible.

Pay close attention to these because you will be enlightened to not only respect and savor but challenge and further your independence. That I promise you.

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