The Power to Achieve Obligation Independence

The Power to Achieve Obligation Independence

July 19th, 2017 // 11:00 am @

The Power to Achieve Obligation Independence

Oh, this is my favorite.

There is a specific three-word description of what being free of obligation is referred to in business – often known as having ‘F-U Money.’ While crude, the point is simple… you are so successful that no one specific thing, dollar, decision, customer matters in a consequential way.

You have put yourself in such a position that you are free to choose whatever you’d like without care for necessity or otherwise forced into a direction. This is operating without obligation.

This is power. This is what you have if you really hit your stride and reach your destiny in your business. All owners aspire to this right there.

The thing to do is ask yourself right now…

What am I obligated to?
Who am I obligated to?
Why am I obligated to either of these things?

Now, obviously, you have to execute your business for customers, patients and clients. The key is that you have the ability to choose or be selective in that you may be for someone specific and ignore others.

No business can survive without cash flow and customers coming in. However, all real businesses can and should be able to operate without every customer being needed and without any difference being made with a choice to proceed without certain people or money or opportunities.

I would ask yourself the tough questions and figure out where you are at with this.

Many of my doctors feel obligated to take insurance…to see an emergency…to reduce their fees…to water down their treatment plans…the keep an employee…the list goes on…

The bottom line is – that isn’t true independence.

In your business, you should strive for this type of independence because it allows you to really achieve leverage and breakthroughs that match with your vision, purpose and passion versus being at the mercy of “have-to’s.”

I can’t emphasize your focus on this enough because obligation weighs on your mind and that restricts your creativity. It gets in the way of you being your best self and being able to be confident about your future decisions and ideas.

Make the list of things you want to do, money you want to have, levels you want to reach and systems you want to put in place to achieve independence from obligations you do not wish to have.

Next week we’ll culminate independence month with the grand finale of them all…enjoy!

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