Why PROFIT Matters

Why PROFIT Matters

June 29th, 2017 // 11:15 am @

Why PROFIT Matters

It’s a very misunderstood thing by the ‘normal’ people out there and it’s fed by the movies, TV shows, news and media by depicting what we do as evil.

You and I, we are the villains. Why? Because our purpose is to make money.

And while most have jobs and making a living, many resent the very thing that makes it all possible… PROFIT

We might been seen as the enemy, but that’s ok. It’s good because we need an enemy too. As we fight back and win by being more prosperous, doing more good, hiring more people and spinning the wheels that make the world go round.

It is true, profitable businesses make owners rich and that is the point, at least one of them.

If your business isn’t designed to make you money, you should have given up a long time ago. Be employed elsewhere so you can live without all of the sacrifices, struggles, failures and things you have to give up to have the privilege to have this entrepreneurial opportunity.

Or you can decide to do something differently with it and get help so you can then get what you deserve and make the profits that people rely on you to make in order to keep feeding the machine.

Here’s what is never said: profit matters for many more reasons than just personal income…

Hiring People
Acquiring Customers
Charitable Giving

And, of course, the fact that you are a big spender means you drive the economy. The top 1% of income earners spend the majority of the money, pay the majority of the taxes, hire the majority of the people, and give the majority of donations. None of it is possible if they by lose money; it’s only by making money. Rest assured it’s all done with profits because you could spend less and keep more in the short term.

This cycle is one of reinvestment to make a bigger pie and then eat a bigger piece plus share more with everyone else. You can’t just make one piece of pie bigger, the whole thing has to become bigger first.

Profits make the pie for everyone involved. Without sufficient profits, them it would go the other direction and become smaller and smaller until there is no pie left.

Take pride in your profits. Take care of your profits. Take inventory of your profits. Take your profits and enjoy them, reinvest them, keep growing and multiplying more in the future.

Most of all, don’t let anyone ever deter you from your most important responsibility as a business owner – to make a profit – because without that nothing else happens; you can provide no value and do no good.

It’s like keeping yourself healthy so that you can care for everyone you love . You must take care of yourself and take care of your profits, because everyone (and I do mean every one), else is depending on it.

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