Protecting Yourself From Others

Protecting Yourself From Others

June 14th, 2017 // 3:27 pm @

Protecting Yourself From Others

If you are truly committed to the premise and layout of last week’s newsletter, then this will be infinitely easier.

Still, you either choose to fight the battle that is about to ensue to yield of bountiful rewards or take a haphazard approach that will result in a painful failure.

Make no mistake, it is a battle. A war really against constant bombardment from other people.

This comes in so many different shapes and sizes…

The internet.
The emails.
The media.
The tv.

It goes on…

Your colleagues who don’t believe you should have more than they do.

Your customers who don’t want to work for free for their jobs but want you to work for free for yours.

Of course your employees… who can be your greatest asset or your most expensive liability.

And then we have…

People everywhere… in the streets on the way to the office, in line at the gas station, or sitting next to you in the finest restaurant.

People whose mindsets are not like yours, whose outlooks are not in alignment with yours and, perhaps most of all, whose expectations for themselves don’t match yours for yourself.

I always remind my doctors that they forget simply signing up to be a dentist automatically (unless they just don’t put any effort into it at all) launches them into the top 1% just by the force and nature of the industry.

Therefore, they are instantly in an tier of society that others say they despise.

All of this requires protection…
Of your mind and thinking.
Of your associations and relationships.
Of your attitude and positive energy.
Of your desire and personal expectations.

You protect yourself from these evil forces in the same way you do from yourself: structure, discipline, routine, commitment with undeterred focus and unrelenting progression toward your goals.

You also feed yourself with positive people and relationships, books and inspiration, hobbies and invigorating activities. You become comfortable and at peace with being yourself. You love your life with all your heart and passion and that makes you magnet for more success, prosperity and money.

I’m telling you – living in a bubble ain’t all that bad. In fact, its an absolute prerequisite to being ultra successful and achieving peak levels of results in your life and business.

When you realize that this bubble is not about where your body is or goes but where your mind, heart and soul always are. And, most importantly, you are always protecting what you hold and keep inside and what you let influence you.

You will always be your own biggest enemy and protection from last week’s message is critical and the foundational part of all successful people and elite entrepreneurs and professionals.

None the less remember this: there is but only one of you and an ever replicating army of the rest. You can’t afford to let your guard down or stop fighting because your life is just too valuable.

Others will always seek to take what is not theirs. They believe it will be easier than going out and earning their own. Unfortunately for them, it will never happen because taking is an elusive game that results in their own guaranteed personal failure. Yet, it also results in you losing the foundation that you have built, as it’s eroded from underneath you. Don’t let this happen.

Your destiny is yours to both create and also protect. You can’t have one without the other.

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