Thinking BIGGER… Part 2 is All About You!

Thinking BIGGER… Part 2 is All About You!

May 31st, 2017 // 11:31 am @

Thinking BIGGER… Part 2 is All About You!

Last week, I presented to you the 2 most critical areas where every single business owner should think bigger (and unfortunately never does), in a way that really allows a business to expand, evolve and enjoy the growth potential that is possible by the human engines that make it run.

You know Disney calls their team members “the Cast” not employees… because they have a culture. Southwest treats their people and their passengers all like family… because they have a culture.

These two examples think big. They challenge the norms of the industry, they redefine standards and change the ways of doing business.

You can do the same.

I have done it in coaching, consulting, marketing, in dentistry and other medical professions. Often times complete 180 degree turns to something that looks completely different.

My doctors do it every single day. Regardless of what anyone else in their industry says, regardless of what any of their other competitors do, regardless of anything they believe to be true or standards or restrictions holding them back…

They break free from all of this – and you can too.

No matter what your business looks like today, thinking bigger about your team and your customers is the key to the ultimate breakthroughs.

There are other things that matter operationally, structurally, strategically and we’ll talk about those next week.

Today, I want to let you in on a little secret.

The real reason most business owners never make it ‘big time’ in their income, lifestyle, revenue, whatever ‘big time’ is to you – is not because of the business, its because of you.

Thinking bigger about yourself will always be the key catalyst or the vital deterrent to you achieving what it is you think, say, believe you are capable of. When you do not think big enough, you will always disappoint yourself in the size of your accomplishments.

Thinking big works just like muscles – the more you work them, the stronger and bigger they get.

You can’t just wake up and start pursuing something that you believe to be unrealistic. You have to have victories along the way and follow some sort of methodical path to get to your goals.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t leap frog your way to the top or transcend your way to your goals overnight. This is possible too. I always tell my dentists that it doesn’t matter what last month or last year or last week or yesterday was – you can make anything happen. There is no ‘time to grow’ in most businesses; there are acceleration points and leverage that can be had for rapid growth and an expedited path to your goals.

The problem is, you say things that you don’t mean or you talk about things that you don’t back up with action. You have to learn to follow all of your proclamations with actions, commitments and decisions.

Thinking BIG means acting big, doing big, being bold and going after it.

If you don’t live into your goals, you will never even come close to them. You have to be willing to risk, to try, to make happen and put yourself in the position to win.

I always start my dentists out by saying: I want you to take your current gross revenue and make it your net income. That concept is easy to grasp as it is a number you already know, you have already achieved, you already believe is possible because you are doing it. Just instead of it being the top line item on the P and L, envision it as the bottom line item as the Net Profit.

Then you can work backwards and figure out what you now need the top line item to be for this to become your new reality and you go forth and conquer it. That is engineering it for success.

If you don’t THINK BIG about this you will never achieve it.

Your lifestyle.
Your goals.
Your burning desires.
Your ambitions.

Your success will only be as great as your vision, as big as your thinking.

I tell my wealth group every time we meet that you have to have places for the money to go, things for the money to do and people for the money to help (including yourself).

You won’t make it unless there are enough reasons why. The bigger the reasons, the bigger the motivation, the bigger the commitment, the bigger the action, the bigger the momentum, the bigger the money will be.

You can question it and you will fail. You can embrace it and you will feel the power and magic of this as your reality.

Next week, I’ll share more ways to get there and bring this whole thing tactically to fruition inside of your business. Get ready for your own ‘Thinking BIG’ execution plan!

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