Important: Things To Think BIGGER About, If You Dare!

Important: Things To Think BIGGER About, If You Dare!

May 25th, 2017 // 9:50 am @

Important: Things To Think BIGGER About, If You Dare!

Before President, and probably a large part of what led him to even consider running, Trump has also been known “If you are going to think, you might as well think BIG!”

Most think too small. For better or worse, our President doesn’t play small. Today, when I’m writing this, President Trump is in Saudi Arabia securing a hundred-billion-dollar investment for the development of their military with American companies. I’m sure there was a conversation where someone suggested a small investment or even providing them our own armament. In the past, we’ve given funds to foreign governments to spend how they please. But if Trump is doing to make a deal, it’s going to be a BIG deal.

The point is, this is BIG thinking. There is no glory in playing for small victories. So, how does this BIG thinking apply to your business?

I’ve got a few things for you to consider and I’ll bring you more next week…

To start, here are 2 simple yet key areas for BIGGER THINKING in your Business…

1. Team Member Contribution

I have to say this is probably the single biggest component of a business that is underutilized and undervalued: the people. It is also the greatest leverage that any business can have.

Most business owners just fill positions with people, give them a list (or some don’t even do this) and, just like a kid being thrown into the pool for the first time, they let them go to sink or swim. They either have too high of expectations for effective performance or they have low expectation (which is exactly what they get).

If you take your team and harness their abilities plus give them growth plans for development, there is no limit to what you can get out of your people. And just so you know, the best ones want this and they won’t stay unless you give them ways to grow, challenges to take on and exciting things to do.

Take a good hard look at how you are thinking about your people and start thinking bigger for them, about them and then get them to do the same. Your People Power is no place to think small.

2. Customer Value

Of course, this is my favorite because there is nothing that will be a catalyst for profitable growth in your business more than the value of your clients, patients and customers.

Most don’t even know what this number is. Day 1, first 30 days, first 90, one year and the lifetime of the customer. I bet you don’t know, not without doing a lot of math and research… do you?

Well, how can you know what’s going on, how can you make smarter decisions or how can you try to push the envelope without knowing this? How can you increase a number you do not know? This is homework.

Really, every single year (and the smart people every single quarter), are going to work on how they can make this number go up. When it does, it will be a rising tide that lifts up every other part of your business. This right here is the secret to the healthiest businesses.

You have to think BIG about how to develop your customers, to make them more valuable to you and to themselves, to keep them longer, to sell them more, to really build an amazing culture for them.

Apple. Disney. Amazon. The elites, their culture is actually all about this. Their business culture is about customer value, not just the value they provide (that’s what we see on the outside), but on the inside it’s about the value they extract. The value we are to them.

Real businesses think big about this. And the bigger you think, the bigger your customer value becomes and, as a result, the bigger your profits grow.

We are going to stop right there today.

The two sides of the people in your business are in the ones you pay and the ones that pay you. Of course, you can’t have one without the other and the value is all directly related.

You think on this – think BIG on this. Challenge yourself to bigger ways to get more out of each of these and how you can do more for both groups and watch your business get bigger than you ever thought possible.

Remember, it will never be bigger than you can believe, conceive, comprehend, think and visualize it to be.

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