How much money will you make today?

How much money will you make today?

May 3rd, 2017 // 11:13 am @

How much money will you make today?

I’d like to shift gears dramatically and cover a very important philosophy in your business life…how much money will you make today?

That’s right – that’s the question – and I would hope the concept that drives your every action for this 24 hour period.

Now, you know that we preach and believe in wealth building and I certainly don’t mean I want you “income chasing” today and every day because then you quite simply do not have a business – however – you should have systems in place to reliably bring you more business tomorrow, more customers, more opportunity in the coming days, weeks, and months – so the question, I’m going to answer for you by sharing with you what things you should be doing “today” to drive income.

This is your checklist for profit – Today.

FIRST – what are you doing today to create money in the future. To attract new opportunity, patients, customers, clients. You should focus first on doing some, at least one thing, that moves you closer to new money. This is very important this is what fuels your wealth creation and keeps you out of the “income chase”.

Now, this could be sending out an email or letter or phone call to a specific person for new referral alliance or a customer, patient, client that needs a little nudge, etc or it could be writing some sales letter or educational article or hosting an event to create a new initiative or campaign to drive momentum and opportunity.

Either way you want to look back on your day and have done something to generate money “tomorrow”. Think of this as filling the pipeline in advance, the pipeline of opportunity.

For my Dentists, every single day we are focused not on ‘production today’ but creating treatment for tomorrow. We always talk about ‘what did we put into the schedule for the future’ – the schedule is their bank account – treatment in the schedule is money in their bank account.

The same goes for every business… ‘future money’ is how wealth is built ‘present money’ is how bills are paid. If you never get ahead of the first one and design a business to create the second one, you never really move into true business ownership.

SECOND – you want to make sure you are closing up all loose ends of money that is hanging over your head, out there, that needs follow-up or to be closed. This is the “collection” process for whatever that means in your business.

Never leave a day with stuff sitting on the table…the wind might come and blow it off the table…don’t squander or waste opportunity – handle it with appreciation and work to move it from the table to your pocket so it is safe with you.

Again in our offices we mandate an “end of the day” debrief or huddle so that this is certain to be controlled and managed because opportunities, patients, customers, clients, relationships lost or left behind or misplaced during a day are gone forever in most cases and only a fraction will ever be found or come to fruition again.

Disciplined closure to every day is critical.

THIRD – send some appreciation or thank you or customer service relationship building mechanisms or actions to anyone who needs reaching out to, new customers, old customers, lost customers, do something that pays it forward, etc with your customers.

So far we have touched the major pieces of your life that will result in you making more money. Future, present, and past.

Now we move on to “growing” and marketing your business.

Every day in some way you should be interacting with some-one or some-thing that can pay you money. This could be your existing marketing funnel and working on it, improving it, expanding it.

This could be hustling some business with people in your pipeline, calling prospects or drumming up business. Beating the bushes if you will.

You simply have to be your own biggest promoter. You can call it lines in the water, sending ships out to sea, planting seeds for fruits to bear – whatever – but it darn sure isn’t going to happen on its own.

You have to do something to get something. Show me a person who isn’t doing much in their business other than taking what falls in their lap (which is most) and what they get out of every day on accident and I will show you one who is barely getting by and living a life of inconsistencies and having just enough profit from time to time to make up for the months where there wasn’t enough.

This is different than the first where you are strategically moving some opportunity forward or putting yourself in an opportunity/money attraction position. This one is, let’s set a timer and see how much chaos, action, attention I can stir up and how much money I can collect and generate from being a salesmen.

Finally, you want to spend some time everyday on developing yourself, your systems and honing your craft that you use to make, earn, enjoy your living.

A topic we could talk about for weeks and maybe we should in the future.

You see, you eat everyday, bathe everyday, brush your teeth every day, don’t go a day without doing what makes you money, what you are about.

Also, in case I forgot, or didn’t make it clear, you would be best served to communicate with all of your influence circles, your customer bases and other relationships routinely…no sales pitch just “show-up”.

On the personal front, take care of those you love and live with every day all day long – make sure you are always finishing your days with significance and solid healthy relationships in tact.

I hope this guides your actions for the day and notice I didn’t say check your email, read your mail, waste time at social gatherings, do all kinds of things that seem productive but have no substance…

Once you adopt my priority list for money creation you soon will not have to fill your time with anything less than the highest and best use of your time…personally and in your business.

That is the ultimate dream of an entrepreneur and business owner… life, liberty, the actualization of happiness and the lifestyle you want and design – every day, all day long. Earn it, deserve it, create it.

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