The #1 Reason Business Owners Fall Short Of Their Goals

The #1 Reason Business Owners Fall Short Of Their Goals

April 5th, 2017 // 10:58 am @

The #1 Reason Business Owners Fall Short Of Their Goals

Are you ready for it? By the way, I really appreciate your feedback and responses to these weekly articles. You guide me in writing things that I know will resonate and be helpful through your experiences. Each week, we take a broader view of the entrepreneur’s life to sort through priorities that real business owners take serious in order to grow, prosper, profit and become fulfilled through the worthy mission and purpose of your business.

Today, I present to you the number one reason that most Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (no matter what type, kind, profession, genre, location, level of success or anything else), suffer from.

That is: Self-Sabotage

The first thing to know about this is it predominantly goes undetected – never noticed for years and years – and the result is accidental success that flickers on and off like a light bulb with some spark left but a short somewhere.

Most people just feel this is the way it is; with some good years, some bad years, some good months, some bad months, some ideas that work, some ideas that don’t, some team members that are quality, some that you have to learn about the hard way.

In this place, over the past ten plus years I have been writing to you, I have shared ways that entrepreneurs sabotage themselves with their habits, their work ethics, their mental attitudes, their relationship with money, people, customers and so on and so forth. There so many ways you can get in your own way and not even know it.

There is one though that out paces all the others. One way that creeps in and destroys possibilities and comes out almost as if someone where spying on you. Then through acts of treason blowing up your momentum or progress just when it finally feels like everything is going your way.

It comes down to this…
Your Own Individual CONFIDENCE

Some would call it belief.
Some would say you are a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Some would say you jinx yourself.
Some would articulate it as “you become what you think about most…” the old Brian Tracy saying paraphrased from Earl Nightingale with the strangest secret.

Here is the bottom line: you can lie to yourself all you want talking about goals and what you want to see happen – and blah blah blah – but your subconscious mind knows the truth about what you believe and what you really feel you deserve. It knows because it acts out the reality of your confidence.

You will always get exactly what you are ready to receive, feel worthy of accomplishing, and ultimately believe is possible.

It is only once you become at one with the idea that your success is suppose to be the way you say it is and your actions are fully devoted and completely committed (as in no turning back, going all in, dedicated to your objectives so much so that you are willing to replace what you have today with everything you will have in the future). This is the only way you will you put yourself in a position to actually obtain and manifest it.

There are countless examples of this.

Someone keeping a bad employee too long because they feel sorry for them or they believe what they know is better than what they don’t.

The fact is – it’s not the employee that is the problem. It is the fact that you don’t feel worthy of a better, more qualified, more appropriate and more committed person in your life to help you accomplish your goals.

Someone is afraid to screen out shitty customers is really just reaffirming the fact that they don’t trust themselves in actually being able to sell to the A Customers that are left and make it happen in the way they talk about making it happen.

You can talk all you want about the goals and things you feel like you should be achieving, but no one is going to create the goals you state when your actions aren’t worthy of the results they will bring.

The craziest part about this is that the lack of confidence comes out in very strange ways. Often it comes out in blame, or in distraction, or worse yet in statements of entitlement as if you are owed something just because you have tried or invested or changed or been in business so long or have certain skills.

Nope. You are owed nothing.

You can only be indebted to yourself. No one else is in debt to you. Your decisions, your life, your business, your reality and your outcomes.

You deserve nothing that isn’t a direct result of your decisions, commitments, actions, behaviors, and positive proactive aggressive unrelenting completely convicted investment. You must charge forward to the goals you wish to achieve.

Next time you sit down and reflect (which I hope is daily at least), have a heart to heart with the person who has more control over your life than anyone else – You. And check yourself on what you really believe to be possible.

And before you go shooting down everyone else or blaming all things but you – go to work on the one single thing that is going to be the greatest catalyst and predictor of your success than anything else on the earth or in the universe – your confidence.

Next week, I’m happy to share some confidence boosting exercises and things you can do to make yourself more worthy of the success you say you want and the goals that have eluded you until now.

No matter how many millions you have, achievements you claim, the next pinnacle on your journey or mountain top you wish to conquer; it will come down to this first and foremost… elevating your belief and confidence that you are capable, worthy, in control and deserve (through actions and earned effort) to realize the victory and reap the rewards.

Lack of confidence loses games, delays the shot by one second, is apparent to the enemy, is seen by the team, is known by the universe and leads to indecision. It is like a boomerang that will come back to knock you in the head and smack you in the face; instead of a harpoon landing your next big whale of an achievement for your life and business ambitions.

Lots to ponder… clear minded, no chips on the old shoulder, deep breath and reflect. Let’s move forward and prepare you for all that’s to come in your journey beginning first with going to work on your confidence so you’ll be ready for what obstacles stand in your way.

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