Are You Suppressing Your Own Growth?

Are You Suppressing Your Own Growth?

March 30th, 2017 // 10:03 am @

Are You Suppressing Your Own Growth?

There are a lot of ways to do this. Most never even notice. You may wonder why your growth is only “so much” despite all of your efforts. Maybe you aren’t even growing at all or you are experiencing more inconsistencies as you go up and down. Perhaps you have even reached a point where you feel like you lack focus or are frustrated.

It happens to every entrepreneur – every. That is why it is so important to have time to refocus, to refresh and to recharge. This must been done on a disciplined routine and structured schedule so that you are always certain to do it.

Often business owners will look at lack of new customers, clients, or patients as inhibiting growth or they will look at ineffective or under-performing team members as inhibiting growth – both of which can be true.

Business owners can never take their eye off the ball of new opportunity, of lead generation, of creating daily revenue. If you stop pumping the pump eventually it will slow down and stop the flow entirely.

This requires you to have deliberate control over what drives leads and deal flow into your business. All systems need to fire on all cylinders, otherwise you waste opportunity..

Now, with regards to your team. It is very easy to get complement here, to forget that you have to nurture and develop them just like you would anyone else. Everyone is only as good as the development they go through on a routine basis.

Additionally, you have to have communication and feedback on all of the above to ensure you are not missing something or sitting with a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and not even know it.

Here’s the bottom line: you could be trying to push on the gas while someone else (or possibly even you) are holding down the brake with even more force. You could be doing more that is working against your own progress and success than you are for it.

I see this all the time. When one decision appears to be a winner but it goes against the overall picture and objective of the business and mission. You end up halting progress just to change directions. Two steps forward with three steps backwards is not going to get you there.

That is why you have to always be focused on your core, overriding principles and objectives. These are the goals and results that matter. Everything and everyone (and I do mean literally “every”), must be serving and working towards this purpose and can never contradict it.

Do yourself a favor… check up on these two major components of your life and business. Really think through what you are doing to avoid suppressing your own growth.

And then next week we’ll go deeper on this and I will let you in a big (not a little), secret that is the ultimate and usually biggest suppression of growth in your company, practice, business, enterprise. I’ll even share what to do about it.

This is something every entrepreneur and professional has in common. It’s going to resonate and really hit home. All that will be left is the question: are you going to be a victim of it or do something about it?

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