What Customers Are You Banning?

What Customers Are You Banning?

February 9th, 2017 // 9:54 am @

What Customers Are You Banning?

I’m going to hit you straight where it counts today. No politics, just practicality.

What you do need to understand is that there are a lot of things you can learn from the Travel Ban and the fallout from it. Again, all business here.

You do get to control who your customers are. You have a new customer policy (even if you haven’t articulated it). Your front door, your website, your marketing, your message is whatever you want it to be. Inherently, it attracts and repels certain people.

Furthermore, you do not accept all people. The truth of the matter is, simply because you charge a fee for your services, you are already banning many people simply by that price of admission you have decided to charge.

When someone can’t afford your services, don’t you think they are going to be upset? This is why you have to operate on principles, operate on things that make your business stable and you do not deter from these fundamental things.

Welcome in all the customers by giving everything away for free, that’s fine, but then you are going to reap what you sow.

The other aspect, which is very important for you to grasp if you want to step up to the next level of success in your business, is clear and straightforward communication.

The White House did a poor job of communicating to the public. That means that everyone gets to interrupt the rules on their own terms.

Same goes for your business. You don’t want your customers making up their own minds without all of the information. You need to help them understand what is best for them.

If you leave yourself up for interpretation, you are going to be disappointed again and again and so are your customers. It is a lose-lose proposition.

That means with all of your marketing, with all of your selling, with all of your follow-up, with all of your ideals and your execution you want the customer to be informed. At least then you are controlling the dialogue and perception.

Finally, you have to make sure everyone is on the same page in your organization. I can’t tell you how many times every single week I hear a person in a business say something that contradicts what the owner had decided to do a long time ago. What is actually being implemented is sabotaging the initial plan for success.

You can’t rely on trickle down communication because it will never make it.

If you want to take total control of your business then you have to follow these three important guidelines…

1. Pick your customers, who you want and who you don’t want.

2. Communicate clearly in all facets and engagements of your customer experience.

3. Make certain every person in your organization is committed to the cause and knows exactly how to follow-through and execute on all decisions made from the top.

The White House certainly would have preferred things to go slightly differently than the way it was all executed. However, your business could not sustain such a result. You’d be wise not to repeat the mistakes that so many business owners do and that the White House did with this. Use my the guidelines and follow through for success.

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