Three Steps To Getting Things Done In The New Year

Three Steps To Getting Things Done In The New Year

January 11th, 2017 // 3:10 pm @

Three Steps To Getting Things Done In The New Year

Today, I’d like to quickly share with you three of my top strategies to turning your dreams and your “what’s next” list into realities. There is of course a difference between saying you want to do things and then actually doing them.

It’s the “doing” of things that matters. So, how do you get things done?

Step one – You must identify your highest priorities, those things that move you further, faster to your goals and objectives. These are the items which get your attention, structured into your life, put at the top of the list and everything else follows suit.

Here’s the thing, everybody gets some things done, it’s a question of whether or not they get the best things done that will lead them to progress. The old saying “don’t mistake productivity for accomplishment”. Meaning you can be “busy” and still not get anything worthwhile done, and in fact that is the issue that plagues most everyone.

Focus on your highest priorities that will lead you to where you want to go.

Step two – Break your projects down into smaller chunks and organize them accordingly. You eat an elephant a bite at a time… I know I’m full of those silly clichés but they are true. And this one is critical because so many people get paralyzed by inaction because of being overwhelmed or not knowing where to start or getting into something they can’t see the end of it because it’s complicated or more than they anticipated.

People end up with lots of projects started and never finished. You can’t “complete” some major item all in one fell swoop; you have to complete many little tasks that results in the final product.

Think of an instruction book for a toy or some piece of furniture where you have the final result and picture of what you want, then many little steps that break it down and make it easy to schedule and accomplish. You’ll get so much more done, more effectively and especially more efficiently with your time by organizing your “to do list” and priorities this way.

Step three – …for getting more done in the New Year and tackling your What’s New list with vengeance… This one is a combination…

Do something everyday
Time block into your schedule
Delegate, get help, eliminate the unnecessary

Oh sure, I could have separated all of those and written instructions for each, but they are as simple as they sound and need no more description. They just require you to follow-through.

You should not let a day go by without something being done towards your goals and your “new” list. That is what it’s all about…and you need momentum. Of course, you don’t need to work every day; down time to recoup and re-energize is essential.

However, you need productive motivation and energy going forward in a positive direction…action every day.

Time blocking is about allocating portions of time to specific tasks. Each of your priorities and the pieces of your projects should be pre-allocated and scheduled as to when you are going to give them focused, undivided attention. By mastering time blocking you help your mind become more focused and effective because it does like-minded things in clumps and once again gives you opportunity for momentum.

About momentum and leverage…have people help you, stop doing things you don’t have to as part of your goals and objectives, and use other people’s skills and strengths to offset your weakness and lesser talents.

There are no extra brownie points or bank deposits to getting more things done on your own without assistance, only the results and cumulative effect of getting more things done in general for your own purposes and life.

And that’s the bottom line.

Those three simply stated steps to getting more done for your New year will make a world of difference to you, how much money you make and how many “new” things you bring to reality in the next 12 months.

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