Achieve Mission By Action

Achieve Mission By Action

January 26th, 2017 // 10:43 am @

Achieve Mission By Action

Oh, I’m sure I’ll get some criticism for this one. But, hey, I’m use to that. Besides only fools argue, smart people attempt to understand all perspectives.

And I’ve tried hard to understand both sides of this one…having a hard time getting there. I see nothing gained by the recent marches on our capital.

I was thinking back through history and all of the “statements” that have been made, all of the individuals who were catalysts for change; they all not only stood for something, they actually did something.

If you want to make a difference talking only gets you so far (or marching in this case). Action! That’s what creates change.

All of these people who march or protest or do whatever they do, choose spectacle over real, tangible, responsible, proactive, meaningful change.

It’s never enough just to feel disrespected, to be angry or even to desire change no matter the immensity. Yelling louder and louder, marching longer and longer won’t bring about change for any cause.

The real question for you is this…

In your business, in your industry, with your team and customers are you marching or are you acting. Are you leading change or just talking about it. Are you blaming others or are you being a catalyst.

These are the question you should ask and reflect on every single day. They should guide your efforts and your initiatives.

Here’s what I know about the highest income earners, the most successful business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals… people know them because of the results their actions bring, by their reputation for contributing to change, for being a catalyst for others.

March on, your mission is worthy. People may tell you otherwise, they will criticize you and attempt to deter you. But as long as your march is backed by actions, you can create positive change. And that is how you’ll be judged and remembered.

I suggest your business and your mission is one of facilitating some-thing to happen. Don’t settle for just demonstrating what you believe in but actually doing something about it.

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