Top 3 ‘Must-Do’ Priorities to Prepare for 2017 – Now

Top 3 ‘Must-Do’ Priorities to Prepare for 2017 – Now

December 7th, 2016 // 9:48 pm @

Top 3 ‘Must-Do’ Priorities to Prepare for 2017 – Now

Yesterday I was walking one of our very successful doctors through some major life impacting business decisions for next year. She wisely reached out to me to ask for my guidance and foresight on these items in advance of making the decision, changing anything or jumping to conclusions.

Unfortunately, most people wait until after they’ve made the decision and are unhappily living with the consequences of it to reach out and ask for help to rectify the situation.

I like proactive people.

Also, I like people who have things to change, who want to make new decisions and those that seek growth and opportunity to make next year better than this year.

When all was said and done, of course the discussion provided laser sharp clarity over very obvious solutions to embrace and directions to take in order to ensure that every action taken was going to enhance and enable more of what this doctor actually wanted in her life and business.

We finished with 3 top priorities I asked her to proceed with, as a result of the conversation.

Today I want to share these with you because they are so valuable and really a prerequisite to making the most of your year ahead.

1st – Create a week by week map and plan for your entire year of 2017.

This seems so simple but most do not do it. Those who do, are not very committed to it. You can always change the place if it is necessary, but you have to begin with a realistic picture of your annual calendar.

For example, you must outline any vacations or weeks you will be out of pocket completely from the business. I mandate my clients take at least one week per quarter completely disconnected from their business. Most take one week per month following my lifestyle approach to practice ownership.

You also want to plan out major events, trainings and other things you are doing both for yourself and your team.

I could go on but the point is the more detail and the more structure you put to your year, the more productive it will be for you.

I do not know any of my doctors earning at least $500,000 (and definitely earning over $1,000,000 in income), who do not do this – they all do – 100%.

2nd – Next I want you to go through and assess every one of your income streams and revenue sources that will be a part of your life next year. You are going to analyze these and reflect on what can be done to make them more effective and more profitable for you in 2017.

At the same time, you are going to decide what you want your total income (along with the required business profit and revenue), to be next year and then you are going to allocate where that money is going to come from related to each of your income streams in your business and life.

3rd – Finally, I want you to increase all of your fees and prices, while also going through any ways you can increase the overall transaction sizes and/or bundles of services, treatments or products that will allow you to grow the value that each individual customer, client or patient represents.

Then you will ask yourself this question, “What can I do to build a better customer who would want the best of what I have to offer?”

Basically, what changes you can make or enhancements to your process that will do more to prepare your customer, client or patient to be the best. This is a topic we have gone over this year in great detail, a few times. Now that you are at the end of the year, you can reflect back and project forward based on these priorities to help you get more focused on taking control over your customers and their value and engagement with you and your business.

Because you have gone through each of these you can figure out how much each of your days needs to be worth and break it down to how much revenue is necessary from each income stream to hit your goals.

Clarity and focus give you power and working through the three of the top priorities that will make or break your success leads to you being able to make great and confident decisions about many other things in your life and business.

Start here for your plans and preparation for 2017 and I’ll be back next week with the another part to setting 2017 up for success.

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