You Can’t Win Over Everyone (but You Don’t Need To)

You Can’t Win Over Everyone (but You Don’t Need To)

November 16th, 2016 // 10:26 am @

You Can’t Win Over Everyone (but You Don’t Need To)

Despite the multitude of positive comments of late, I still get hate mail. I guess you would expect there would be some sad excuses for business owners who would voluntarily give up 50+% of their earned income to a government who squanders it or sends out of our own country.

Of course, the two or three people who complained took enough time and energy to write their anti-capitalist and anti-American messages to me clearly had nothing better to do.

They certainly aren’t in a tax bracket where any socialist tax system would effect anyhow. The same people who blame everyone but themselves for their problems.

Kinda like those protesters. The ones with the “love trumps hate” signs who are bashing in windows and busting up police cars, the ones who will choose to not work even when jobs are available and who didn’t vote to begin with.

I don’t judge or hold against any person who expresses their views. I’m actually pretty socially liberal in my views. I don’t like telling people what or how or who to do with their life.

In fact, it is understandable that there would be a lot of disagreement. Our country will always vote about 50/50.

Yet, everyone pretty much wants the same thing, except for a small minority who want to fundamentally change America. They want freedom, opportunity, security and a government that lifts up not suppresses their abilities and rights.

If you talk to two sane people from either side of the political ideals in our country, they will agree on most things in principle. They just don’t agree in the way in which it is expressed or the execution of how those ideas are carried out.

You have to understand something… you will never win over all the people. In fact, even trying to is helpless, trivial and certain to end in disastrous failure and disappointment.

Polarizing views win. Think back to recent presidencies: Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump.

Does History repeat itself? In a way, humanity progresses or digresses depending on how you look at it, but it is a cycle. It balances itself out just like nature does. A natural pendulum preventing any one thing from straying too far.

What you have to do is understand your industry and more importantly your customers, patients and clients. What they are going through and what cycle they are currently in.

I have long said and know to be true, way before anyone else ever even thought about it… we are beginning a resurgence of the independent business owner, independent professional and independent dentist is coming back. Large corporations will falter as customers return home seeking not cheaper and faster but more customized and attentive service. The businesses that will win are the ones who seek to listen to their customers and understand them, not who pander to them and treat them like numbers.

It is your responsibility to reassure them, prove to them, show them that you are there for them, that you understand where they are coming from and that you want to be of service.

In divisive times people seek safety, certainty, trust and comfort. They seek relationships they can count on.

Now more than ever before, you have the chance to win big with your customers, prospects and patients. Ride this tide by proving to them that you have their back, that you have never left and that you are there for them to move forward to a prosperous future.

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