Accurate Thinking and Being A Responsible Business Owner

Accurate Thinking and Being A Responsible Business Owner

November 9th, 2016 // 1:07 pm @

Accurate Thinking and Being A Responsible Business Owner

Last night, every major journalist, pollster, media outlet and mainstream politician was embarrassed. I’m not going to be too political here, what I am going to say is this is why we need to have accurate thinking in all things.

No matter how good or bad something is (or appears to be) you must have clear thought. The media always believes their own headlines, but in doing so they do a disservice to everyone in our country because they don’t allow people to understand the truth or be able to make up their own minds.

Whether it is a shooting, drugs, ISIS or comments made by the left and the right, everything is dramatized and turned into a spectacle to push an agenda.

You could say there is no thinking at all, let alone accurate thinking.

Yes, I am proud to say America First. I’m proud to say we should take care of our country before any other, just like individuals must themselves by strong in order to help those who are in need. Our strength and prosperity supports the world’s.

Watch how the world will benefit from us returning the priority back to our homeland. It will happen and it will happen dramatically.

Here’s the real point of all of this… As a business person, you have the responsibility to think accurately and be honest with yourself in order to make tough decisions.

We have the largest number of Americans in our history (approx. 1/3), who are not working right now. We are a nation full of talent, work ethic and ambition but it requires opportunity for people to put it to use. For a nation to thrive, it must first allow the individual to thrive.

Small businesses, the real engine of our economy, need an environment that’s favorable in order to start, grow and prosper. Yet, fewer businesses have been started during the last 8 years than any other stretch in recent American history.

To fix these problems we need accurate thinking, we need real solutions and we need sustained commitment.

You need the exact same formula for your own business.

I wonder if you sit down with yourself and you thought seriously about your business and you said “if I was going to develop a winning campaign and message to motivate my customers and my employees what would it be based on?”

What do they want most? What do they fear most? What do they hope for most? What problems do they have? How do they want their lives to be better and improve?

We are campaigning for our customers every single day. This begins with accurate thinking and being honest about the answers are to those questions.

Regardless of the personality contest or the disagreements someone may have with any one candidate, you can’t turn your back on the people who’ve worked so hard to make it all possible; that will only work for so long, about 8 years I guess.

I surely hope you are as inspired as ever about your business. If you haven’t, watch President Elect Trump’s speech last night. It was exactly what this nation needed. A message that was selfless, focused, gracious, determined, thankful. And above all else, understanding that the campaign is only the job interview, now it is time to go to work.

The same goes for your business everyday. Winning over people, having ideas or tackling your next dream – all of that is just the warm-up. The reality is, you have to follow-through, get results, culminate your vision, solidify change, realize improvements and make good on promises.

One moment to brag, if I may… I did nail it last night didn’t I? Those in my inner circle know that I got it pretty much spot on.

Now, my next prediction, we are about to have the greatest run at prosperity, growth and success in our country. So if I were you, I would get to work – like never before. Create momentum and run like hell because you’ve been given a gift. Don’t squander this, instead make the most of it.

And above all else remember… making anything great again is not something that happens and then is done; it’s something that requires continuous attention, effort and dedication.

Today, vow to make your business great again too, greater than it’s ever been!

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