My Secret Revealed: How To Attract The Best Customers

My Secret Revealed: How To Attract The Best Customers

October 13th, 2016 // 10:42 am @

My Secret Revealed: How To Attract The Best Customers

I promised something very special today and I’m not going to let you down.

Inside of this week’s newsletter, I’m going to give you my personal secret for attracting and being attractive to the best and highest quality customers, clients, and patients that you really want and desire (and those who would want you).

While it is simple, it is very profound. If you choose to embrace it, take it seriously and really commit to either adopting your own version of my approach or ideally using it to find your own voice for your customers, clients, and patients you will win in bigger ways more often and more easily than you ever thought possible. You will develop a following of people who support you, admire you and want to be part of your movement through investing and participating in what you do.

This is about more than just ‘customers’ this is about principles that you stand for and mutually share with your ideal customers, clients and patients.

I write to people who I want, and people who appreciate what I write in turn want me. People are looking for someone amidst all the BS, all the lies, all the smut in all forms of media in our world, all of the dysfunction in every industry and all of the corruption in our government today. The right people want to be with people who behave like them, who think the way they do and who can (through collaboration and partnership) do things as a team that no one could do by themselves.

When you try to sell and convince people you will lose. At the very least you will plateau and you will get only one certain type of buyer either a hyper buyer with no loyalty who buys from everybody and everything (and they themselves have no identity and will be a terrible customer, client or patient).

…or you get the desperate buyer, which is basically the same; looking for a lifeline instead of looking for true change in themselves and their circumstances.

The only buyers that are the right and best buyers are the ones that buy because you philosophically align and principally agree to a range of concept.

For my dentists, we always talk about finding patients who want to be proactive with their health, who take responsibility and have attitudes of appreciation.

Sometimes these patients do not walk in like this, with these three things in the front of their mind but they are inside of them. The same way they are responsible for other things and areas of their lives, they will too be about their dentistry if we make it so and give them a chance.

We fight against discounting, against emergency minded patients, or insurance driven patients. We seek to cultivate optimal health and proactive patients deliberately through every interaction, every piece of written communication, every phone call, visit, engagement and the entire experience both clinically and financially.

When I seek to attract dentists, I do the exact same thing … and here’s a tip: always and only work with people who walk their talk and practice what they preach. I focus on prosperity, personal responsibility, team member empowerment, the prestige of being a dentist, not giving in to insurance, not being a commodity or trying to play the same game as corporate big-box patients-are-just-a-number dentistry practices.

I talk positively and also tough. I shoot straight and do not beat around the bush.

No person is going to achieve success in their business alone, by themselves, at least not without serious sacrifice to their lifestyle and/or their potential they are capable of. So if someone is serious and smart then they will be excited to find me (as someone who can take care of the things about their business they are not the experts in and do not need to be).

Straight talk to your prospects is the best way to ensure you will receive the right type of customers for you.

Next week, I will expand on this and if you are really curious and serious about wanting to learn more specifically, tactically, formulaically about how to write and talk to motivate, influence and attract your ideal customer, client, and patients…

Let me know, perhaps this topic warrants more individual or small group training, practice, and support. I’d find that rewarding and a lot of fun if there’s enough interest. There ought to be.

For now, pay attention to whether or not you are just ‘selling’ and ‘talking’ about your services and products; or if you are really communicating, saying something of substance and drawing out your best customers, clients and patients by being true to yourself and what your business is about.

Email me back here if you’d like to be on the priority list of serious entrepreneurs who want to master this skill (it is a skill, it won’t happen without being very intentional, deliberate and going to work on making it so).

Have a great week.

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