[Halloween Edition] The Scary Things All Around

[Halloween Edition] The Scary Things All Around

October 27th, 2016 // 11:30 am @

[Halloween Edition] The Scary Things All Around

Well there is certainly so much to be scared about right now. The least of which is Halloween coming up in a few days.

It’s a dangerous world out there. In real life and in business too.

Each of us facing our own fears, challenges, evil spirits, ghosts and spells.

A crazy election, corrupt government, evil terrorists, division in our own cities; all of which has changed the make-up of our society.

Then we have the things we always have to deal with…
Health, tragedy, personal challenges.

And in business: customers, employees, money, taxes, the constant pursuit of growth to avoid falling backwards and reaching diminishing returns.

Oh, I could go on and on; but what’s the point.

It’s Halloween after all. These should be fun times, celebration, get-togethers, themed events, engaging the customers and making the most of this Holiday for your business and family.

The closer we get to the holiday season, the more it’s on everyone’s mind. To miss it is silly, because all of your customers, clients and patients are planning their activities and gearing up for the festivities.

Today, instead of focusing on all of the scary things going on in our world today, I’d prefer to fix the frightening things in most business owners’ minds that really hold them back.

Unfortunately, you can’t control too many of those big world issues. But you can control big things in ‘your world’.

There are three scary things I see that rob entrepreneurs of their greatest potential and these are the evil spirits and scary things we need to overcome.

Ghosts…whether you believe in the real thing or not, I can promise you, you have ghosts that are living inside of your head and you’ve got to be aware and ideally get rid of them.

Ghosts of the past that haunt you when trying new things. These lead you to assumptions that just aren’t true because every experience, every new idea, every action, every opportunity is unique and deserves a chance.

You have ghosts of things that get in your way from customers who said ‘no’ or from disagreements with past or even current team members or partners or even family.

Don’t let these ghosts get the best of you. Address everything with an open mind. It’s okay to be cautious or concerned but don’t debilitate yourself and rob yourself of the opportunity because of past experiences and misconceptions.

The next thing you have to protect yourself from our spells cast by others. Mainly your industry, the media and the people around you who are trying to get inside of your mind (usually because they don’t like living inside of their own).

These things will stop at nothing to try to deter you from your goals, reaching your potential and being prosperous.

Most people “out there” want to keep others down instead of lift others up.

You must guard yourself with what the late great Zig Ziglar use to say “The 5 key elements: the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, the positive.”

You can be under a spell and not even know it. This is when you sell yourself short, you become negative minded, you stop before you start or you set the wrong expectations. In the end, you get exactly what you expect.

Don’t let people or things put spells on your potential, your thinking, your ideas, your actions and your ambitions.

And finally we have the one we do to ourselves…we wait around or keep searching for something to do it all for us. Putting life on hold because things are just not perfect or you haven’t found that magic pill or your flying broomstick or your book of spells.

All the magic you need is already inside of you and around you with the support of people who want to help you achieve whatever it is you are in pursuit of.

I love magic and illusions. I find it all very fascinating and I know several magicians, close personal friends of mine.

But, I have never met a magician who turned your business around, who filled up your bank accounts, who removed all the problems from your life.

Only you can decide to make those things happen.

Smart, strategic, deliberate, committed actions and efforts put forth towards a dedicated plan with great clarity, focus and determination of the outcome you want and the journey you are on.

This Halloween and every day there are scary things all around us and there will continue to be. Be aware, cognizant, smart and responsible, but don’t let these or anything else get in your way.

Instead focus on overcoming the ghosts in your life, the spells in your head, and stop waiting around for magic. Get moving, do something and take back control of everything you can.

And after Halloween is over, take off the masks or costumes. You don’t need to pretend to be anyone else, because you are already exactly who you should be: you are You. Your best self will always be better and get you further than any tricks or treats.

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