What Really Turns On or Off Your Customers

What Really Turns On or Off Your Customers

September 21st, 2016 // 2:28 pm @

What Really Turns On or Off Your Customers

There is an energy about everything in life. Every interaction with people, things, experiences. Energy is life. Most, if you are reading this here with me, believe and agree with that.

Some would call it (or maybe confuse it) with emotions or feelings; but still you get the idea and understand what I’m talking about.

This energy is a critical concept and really significant part of your prospect and customer experience. It is something that has to be managed, orchestrated, controlled and deliberately structured if it is going to be done right.

You can waste a lot of time, energy, money and resources to still get it all wrong with your prospects. You end up blaming them, when in fact it is not them that is the problem. It is the experience and energy you are conveying to them that is turning them away.

People love to buy. They don’t really go into stores to look. They go to buy. They don’t consider doing business with someone for the fun of it. They do it because they are looking for a solution, a fix, an experience, a ‘whatever’ – they want something.

And buying is a sense and a form of accomplishment to people both figuratively and literally.

Most business owners just want to pretend they have bad customers because they don’t want to take ownership over these customers just not liking them, trusting their business or wanting to give them money for what they do.

Usually this is because they have a sales experience that is so focused on the company and not on the customer that anyone would run away from you no matter how badly they really did want, need, deserve to have your product or service.

Think about it, when you are meeting someone new for the first time and all they want to do is talk and tell you about them … how fast do you want to get away, how annoying is that?

Bad energy.

Even when there is a lot of hyper energy it can be bad. You know there is an essence to how people experience you, your brand, your company and your selling experience before they ever give you a single dollar. You have to earn their interest and attention.

We rush to get to their money instead of acknowledging that there is a buying process that every client, customer and patient goes through psychologically before they are ready to give you money. And maybe I should say willingly and happily give you money without regret or skepticism.

I want you to know it all comes down to energy. The way you come across, the way you engage your prospects, what and how you say things and it all must be completely congruent with your end objectives.

This week, I want you to really step back and feel your sales experience for yourself; see where and what you could be doing to make your prospects more comfortable in order to give off a positive vibe which will compel them to want to move forward.

As we have talked about here routinely and repetitively, money moves to confidence, certainty, enthusiasm. Money moves through trust. All of these resonate and contain energy in their realization.

I choose to portray positivity, prosperity, hope, future potential and deserve. I also portray tough love, seriousness and self-responsibility.

Every decision, every word, every request, every piece of material and step in the process is deliberate and intended to genuinely earn the trust, respect, relationship of those who are coming into my world and universe – voluntarily – for which I’m grateful and appreciative of (which is what I want in return). I convey this through the appropriate energy, feeling and essence of everything we do and everything I stand for. That attracts people I want and repels people I don’t.

More next week. Food for thought and hopefully nourishment for action – to say the least.

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