How To End Up With The Best Customers

How To End Up With The Best Customers

September 15th, 2016 // 9:51 am @

How To End Up With The Best Customers

Last week we talked about moving the “customer experience” ahead of the sales process and doing whatever it takes to make your prospects better for you – before they even say yes.

This is a concept I have reviewed many times with you. Most don’t take it seriously; when you do you are able to achieve the ultimate growth leverage point which is increasing your fees and price structure so you can have more profit without more work, customers, overhead or anything else.

There is a way to take this idea even further and you are seeing it played out this year in the political race; as you do most every presidential election year, though this one more than most because there is so much more exposure and interest from, well, basically everybody.

Although you don’t have to wait for the elections because this is the same game the media plays on people every single day and the same bs and illusion the white house plays, it is called as you know: propaganda.

They tell you things as though they are true even when they aren’t. They are basically making the news what they want it to be, not what it is. As Bill O Reilly would say, they spin it.

Well you have the opportunity to do this in a healthy way for the people you want to influence.

There is a great way to do this that is real, legitimate and full of integrity because you are doing things that are positive and healthy for the customers, clients, and patients you serve.

Simply put: you want to talk with them as though they have already bought, you want to share with them what their life will be like as though it has already happened.

I call this ‘living into the future’ and letting your customers, patients, clients feel the emotionally experience of what a ‘yes decision’ would be like for them.

It’s very powerful.

Bluntly, you can’t leave them guessing or you will leave most of them behind.

The other side to this is all about focusing on your messaging and talking directly to the type of buyer you want to have. You tell them what they already believe to be true and this reinforces their confidence in themselves and in you.

Most businesses make the big mistake of trying to be in the convincing business; instead of meeting people where they are already in their thinking and then shaping the way they approach a decision by backing up their perspective.

People want to do business with people who they share principles and agree with, not people who are trying to change their minds.

Selling really shouldn’t be selling at all. It should be common sense decisions with obvious solutions where there is a right and justified next step to take based on everything you already know and believe.

Doing nothing is for losers. Not an option.

People want to do something, they want to feel progress and accomplishment.

You want to make your thing, service, product, experience, whatever it is you do that progress, accomplishment, decision and solution.

The best way to build your selling experience is to focus on these three things…

1. Talk to the people you want and align with the way they make decisions

2. Do whatever you can to condition them to be a good customer before they buy

3. Help them to live into the future as if they have already bought

If you work on these things, hone in on them, be strategic and deliberate in your approach, you are going to all the sudden see just how easy money and quality customers move to you and multiply in your life.

Seldom is the problem what they are doing…it’s what we are doing with, to and for them.

I will explain all about how to get them involved and make this whole thing fun next week. Now, assess yourself on these three things and anyone else that comes in contact with your customers, clients, and patients during the selling experience.

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