What it Takes to Win Gold in Your Business

What it Takes to Win Gold in Your Business

August 18th, 2016 // 10:46 am @

What it Takes to Win Gold in Your Business

Since I can’t talk about it for two more years, I’m bringing back the Olympic theme again this week as we wrap things up.

Do you know what the single greatest attribute of an Olympian is; the one thing they do that is different and better than all others?

The difference from an amateur versus a professional versus an Olympian?

It’s simply really. Disciplined, dedicated, religious routine.

That’s it.

Every single day they train, they focus on their goal and they do nothing that is going to deter them, whether it is day one of a four year preparation or the day after the culmination of the last competition.

It may not be the same training every day. Of course the body has to rest, even the mind has to rest, and you have to rejuvenate in order to accelerate to new levels of performance.

No matter the type of training that is done – there is disciplined, dedicated, religious routine that an athlete commits to. They train when others don’t, they work when others won’t, they keep going when others can’t and they win when others lose because of these four words. And it takes all of them by the way, not just one, all of them.

The question today is, in the Olympic competition with yourself, to win the gold medal of your business: money, growth, success, contribution, whatever that is …

What is your disciplined, dedicated, religious routine?

What do you do every day, week, month, quarter, year that no one else does?

What do you do every day to win, to grow, to earn, to be valuable that no one else does?

What do you do without fail every waking morning that proves your worthy as a winning business owner?

What do you do to be worthy of your desired success?

Because I can tell you this, without question, there is no such thing as a winner who didn’t deserve to win, at least not one who does so consistently and sustainably.

You hear it all the time. The last Olympics Michael Phelps slowed into the final touch of the wall in the butterfly and he was out touched, just by a fingernail, and he regretted it ever since. Now, every day is he committed with obsession that he would never be lazy or let up every again. Hence his performance as the greatest all time medalists and Olympian in the history (of any sport not just swimming).

The women’s gymnast Aly (who was literally stolen from the last Olympics losing the bronze medal on a tie breaker, as it’s the only sport to have a tie breaker) came back as the oldest gymnast this year to win the silver medal; because she was disciplined, dedicated, and committed to do whatever it took to make it happen.

When people fall short, winners get back up again like that famous song and they practice even harder.

Most business people, their biggest enemy is complacency and their biggest demons are excuses that they let rob them of their fullest potential.

If you want to win, do what it takes to win.

You have to be better every day, you have to be focused every day, you have to be committed every day and the thought of winning can’t not be optional.

As I said last week to my highest level private clients and VIP Dentists: you have to refuse to fail.

And that is what Olympic Champions do, they do whatever it takes to win by refusing to fail and refusing to be less than what their potential allows.

Business is a competition not with others but with yourself.

I challenge you to have your own disciplined, deliberate, religious routine of success that leads you to victory every day and supports your capturing of your own gold medal again and again and again.

This doesn’t take away your lifestyle and ability to enjoy and relax, that is part of your routine, and if that enjoyment, relaxation and lifestyle is worth it then you will do what’s necessary to earn it while you are fighting to win.

There is no point in fighting unless it is to win.
There is no point in playing unless it is for the gold.

Be inspired by these Olympians but remember you are your own Olympian. It’s easy to live through the lives of others, but their victories and sacrifice are in vain if you let that be all that you take away from their glory and achievements.

Instead, let them be motivation for you to master your disciplined, deliberate, religious routine that will lead to your own victories in your life and business.

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