Chasing Sales Versus Attracting Customers

Chasing Sales Versus Attracting Customers

August 3rd, 2016 // 2:38 pm @

Chasing Sales Versus Attracting Customers

Last week, I gave you the most powerful and critical lesson on the reality of new customers, patients, clients; and there is no person, no business, no entrepreneur who masters income on demand at a level of maximized profitability without mastering this.

You simply can’t sustain business growth unless you have the most strategic and disciplined approach to new customers, clients and patients that yields the predictable, reliable, consistent profit that will be necessary to continue to expand your business through the multiplication of this most important element.

Now onto the next concept in mastery…

Chasing is the opposite of attracting.

And when it comes to new customers, clients, patients and (long before they enter those stages) prospects, you will stay struggling with cyclical flow as long as your marketing and sales is an act of pursuit.

First of all, no one wants to be chased. It boils down to human nature. Customers, prospects and patients want the authority, the best, the well positioned, the business who doesn’t need them. They desire the one who has differentiated themselves so much that they are uniquely different, better and authentic compared to all others.

When you chase your customers, they do what everything else does… like a mouse with a drooling cat in pursuit, they run away from you believing that it is only their money you are hungry for.

The way to reverse all of this is to nurture and cultivate their interest and need for you in a way that it becomes so obvious they will be better with you in their life than without you.

And there in lies the secret, the one most businesses never go far enough to convey: the enhancement of life with versus the detriment of life without you.

There are four primary ways to attract:

Through stories.

Through baby steps.

Through events and engagement.

Through segmented topics.

I will tackle them briefly here and then we’ll save the two step key to getting every prospect and lead to willingly move forward into your sales process voluntarily putting you in the controlling position without it coming across as your need or pursuit of them.

You will find this so simple with a little practice it will become habit.

1 – Stories are very easy. This is telling your leads and prospects about other customers who are or were just like them.

You can’t over use these. The one thing you should make sure you do is balance them out. You want good and bad, despair and hope with all different types of customers so you are resonating with as many different people as possible.

There are case studies, testimonials, demonstrations, and success stories. This includes your own story or even sharing the stories of others in your voice or writing.

2 – Using baby steps are one of my favorite strategies. I just love this one because it is very easy but it is also so effective. It is a great way to build trust and earn the respect with your new customers.

Think about trial programs, basic levels, free offers, all of these are ways to engage people to get involved with less commitment or investment and that will lead them (of course if you are doing it right and are running a successful business) to want more from you.

This is where you have to make sure your customer experience is dialed in to have deliberate impact for the baby steps to turn into customer acquisition.

3 – There are many ways to use Events and Engagement devices to get prospects moving forward through attraction.

When people attend a webinar, go to a seminar, listen to your podcast, read your book, or do any number of other things you are using events and engagement to attract them instead of force yourself on them.

They are requesting and volunteering to be put into a selling environment and opportunity.

This is probably the most effective way to accelerate conversion in any selling system.

4 – Finally, last but certainly not least, we have the strategy of segmented topics. This is easy to do and yet most do not ever do it. You want to separate out as many different topics of concerns or interest from your customers because every person will have a different perception or different topic that will spark intrigue.

When you keep your topic general or only do one or two interests, you will be leaving so many people behind.

Think of it like flavors of ice cream, yes you want focus and yes you want to be known for a famous flavor but as long as you are wanting people then you want as many different flavors who are going to attract as many different people into your store.

You should make a list of every reason someone buys from you, a list of every feature/benefit you offer and a list of every service you provide. This will give you a start to the topics you can use for attraction. Instead of 2 or 3 flavors, you should have 15, 42 or 97 different menu items to attract 12, 42 or 97 different types of buyers.

There you go – work hard on serving your prospects and leads well by attracting them and not chasing them. They will move faster, pay more and be happy about it all – when it is their idea.

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