Explode Your Income Like Fireworks on The Fourth of July

Explode Your Income Like Fireworks on The Fourth of July

July 6th, 2016 // 1:50 pm @

Explode Your Income Like Fireworks on The Fourth of July

There is no greater independence in your business than the ability to create income-at-will and growth on-demand inside of your business.

True Independence is more than just money it is control, autonomy, predictability.

And the only way to really achieve it in your business is to get over the hump of income inconsistency where you have ups and downs because of a lack of reliable systems that provide you with the results you want.

Most business owners have a job they work to bring in the money to pay the bills, pay the people, and take what’s left; and then every single month repeat the process.

The only way to avoid this is what we talked about last week – getting ahead of the calendar and condensing time between action and money.

The secret to wealth acceleration is how quickly you can get to financial independence where your money can be multiplied and your earned income can compound in many ways.

The truest sign of business success is income producing assets that provide for your living expenses so that all of your profits can be invested. The only way to get there is to out earn your monthly overhead and build the icing on the cake – in other words profit – every single month again and again.

To do this in a systematic way you must master the art of acceleration.

There are three parts to the art of acceleration.

1st – You want all progress to be forward progress, where everything is feeding the future growth of the business, customer value, profit and assets in order to compound efforts in the future. In other words, nothing that is wasted on one time effort and no day finished without putting money into the future bank account.

2nd – You have to shorten the distance between decisions and execution, this requires consolidating your schedule and calendar to provide more results in a shorter period of time.

I have explained many times here about my “year in a quarter” philosophy of making a list of 12 months of activities and removing the word “month” and putting “week”. Then taking a break at the end of the quarter on the 13th week and doing it all over again.

In our company, we are testing and trying more things in a month that most people do in a year. We leverage our growth by doing more all at once instead of doing things sequentially and having very gradual information and results to make future decisions and adjustments.

Anyone can do this. Anyone.

3rd – You really must master the leverage points of your business. All of the things we talked about here, you have to do in parallel. How can you get more customers? How can you get more customers to say yes faster? How can you get more customers to pay you more money faster? How can you have multiple streams of customers, multiple streams of money, multiple streams of growth all going on at the same time?

The art of acceleration requires 5 things

1. Ambitious desires
2. Strategic plans
3. Decisive decisions
4. Aggressive actions
5. Demanding time lines

Ideally you have a business where you have people moving on multiple fronts, dividing and conquering to move things forward.

Last week, I shared our dental example – it is so obvious and easy to master growth in a dental practice when you move from one doctor primarily doing all of the treatment planning (and putting the burden of every dollar of diagnosis on his/her shoulders) and you turn it around to have every team member own a responsibility and a group of patients for the day. Here, they each focus on their core responsibility of preparing the diagnosis and treatment for the doctor while they are with the patient. You now have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more times the treatment happening per day and you build more demand in a month that you usually get in a year. That’s how you start compounding growth and stacking layers of profit on top of this.

This is one example. In every business there are multiple leverage points and there are specific areas of opportunity available to trigger the art of acceleration.

The most important sequence is: deciding that you want it to happen, committing to the idea and expectation that you are going to achieve your goals, and get to the next level in a much faster period of time.

If you want to achieve goals faster – give yourself less time to get them done – and then direct your focus, resources, time, attention and money towards making them happen.

The art of acceleration is both a mentality and a modus operandi. You must have both and then do whatever it takes to make it happen. Once the momentum is built you will see the multiplying and compounding effects. Most just never do enough to get to that point; instead stopping short – giving up too easy – not willing to do what it takes to get there.

Celebrate your independence the way all entrepreneurs should by striving for more, moving faster and making great Americans proud of the land of opportunity being ripe and fertile more so now than ever before. It can be for you – as long as you decide it to be.

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