The Ultimate Accelerator for Your Success

The Ultimate Accelerator for Your Success

June 15th, 2016 // 1:26 pm @

The Ultimate Accelerator for Your Success

You have to be wondering what this is? What could possibly be so important that you can accelerate your progress to your goals, multiply your income, expand your business and accomplish everything you have ever wanted faster.

I see so many entrepreneurs who talk a good game and say they want a lot of things but their actions could never possibly lead them to their goals.

Physically, mathematically, humanly impossible.

And that’s the biggest problem in most people’s businesses, it’s not that they are incapable, not that something is impossible, it’s that they are not operating in a way that could lead to the results and goals they want even if everything went right.

That means you have stacked the deck against yourself. You are playing a game at a disadvantage.

Zig Ziglar often said, “You cannot hit a goal you do not have.”

And that’s the first part. You do have to want something, you do have to make a commitment. Most don’t get this far.

If I were to ask you right now – what is your goal? What are you specifically trying to achieve, what is a victory for you, what do you want to see happen?

Many business owners of all shapes, sizes and levels of success get stuck right here because they do not have an answer.

And therefore, by default, you will keep getting more of the same and you will find ways to waste your time and squander opportunity because there is no place for it go, there is no action plan for monetization and for strategic growth.

Every action should be purposeful, every day, every customer, every employee, every decision should be leading you to a specific destination – it could only be a stopping point along your journey – but there does have to be a point to it.

In wealth attraction principles and the science of prosperity (which by the way I’m unveiling my 1st ever Wealth Attraction Mastery Private Client Immersion System in the 2nd half of this year already with a long waiting list of ambitious people anxiously waiting for this and it’s going to be incredibly, “life changing” is a total understatement.)

In these principles, the most basic and fundamental is that if money doesn’t have a place to go it will go right past you and find someone else’s well defined purpose.

You can ignore this reality but you are only spinning your wheels and wasting away your own life doing it. Get clarity of what you really want and commit to; then watch the universe and your business begin accelerating things in your favor.

So, let’s assume you’ve got this figured out…

That brings me to the ultimate accelerator to your goals – think big!

Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s not really.

Think Big is relative, completely, so don’t let it scare you. It doesn’t have to mean in your net worth, in your business size, or anything else.

What it does mean is that you will make sure you are playing to win in a big enough way that you can actually achieve your goals.

I would add to this statement – “think big and act bold” in the direction of your goals. You simply have to.

I will tell you the bad news, you will probably not reach the goals you have unless you are calculative, strategic, thinking big enough and acting bold enough to make it happen.

You can so easily reverse engineer your business down to a very simple math problem that should dictate your every step and action on a daily customer, client, patient basis.

The most basic example I can give you: with my Dentists who say they want to achieve a certain monthly goal that they could not possibly achieve because of three of the most common factors.

1. They are not structuring their schedule to accommodate and result in the daily production that when multiplied by the clinical days would equal their goal.

2. If they add up the treatment presented to all the patients of the month, they are undershooting their diagnosis so much so that in many cases if every patient said yes they wouldn’t get to the goal because they are thinking too small in their clinical minds to have enough dentistry to achieve their results.

3. Finally, they miss the boat entirely because they are of the mindset that growth takes time, that increments are required, and that an otherwise very easy and predictable business objective is made complicated because they are not even attempting to accelerate progress and gain momentum.

These are 3 that in their own way apply to every business and this is just a partial list of very big very controllable items – you have yours.

Here is what I would suggest you do – right now – take a cold hard look at your business and ask yourself if your math works, if your effort, actions and strategies even lead you to the goals you say that you want.

From there, make a list of bigger thoughts and bolder actions that would result in the growth of your business in the way in which you envision and dream about.

You have to back up your goals with actions, back up your thoughts with commitments, back up your business with realistic execution that can lead you to what you want.

I’d welcome and love to get your list of your overall stated objective, the goals you have, your business math problem, the execution strategy and the bold actions you have for making this happen.

Start here, with this, it should be one of the most exciting, invigorating, and fun things you do – other than actually making the money.

Then, next week, I’ll break it down into three things that you can add to this that give you the ultimate advantage as an entrepreneur.

I will tell you this; no one can light the fire of ambition inside of you and make you want your business to be more than it is – think big, act bold and achieve your grandest ambitions and greatest goals because that’s what every entrepreneur deserves as long as you actually do what it takes to be worthy of what you want and that’s what this is all about.

Your ultimate accelerator is playing and acting on a level that matches the size of your goals and business growth objectives.

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