Self-Sabotage At Its Finest… Are You Guilty?

Self-Sabotage At Its Finest… Are You Guilty?

June 8th, 2016 // 1:49 pm @

Self-Sabotage At Its Finest… Are You Guilty?

Okay, are you ready? Can you handle the truth?

There is a single act of self-sabotage (that you may not even realize you are doing to yourself) that is so powerful, it will blow out your flame of ambition, slow or diminish your momentum, and most of all prevent any chance for things to go right.

You should know this from the 3 reasons I gave you last week that lead most Entrepreneurs selling themselves short, keeping you locked in place, tide down to the ground floor of your possible success, and underneath the glass ceiling you have set for yourself.

Enough with the delay – I’m just going to let you have it. We’ll say it the way the famous quote was once stated:

You can make money or you can make excuses but you can’t make both.


In all forms, shapes and sizes rob the dreams of entrepreneur, business owners, professionals, and sales people – dreamers, doers, builders and creators of all walks of life are always late to the dance, half-baked in the kitchen, a few cards shy of the ones needed to win and I could go on with the analogies.

I do not know anything more destructive that the self-sabotage that comes from excuses of why things aren’t possible, why things didn’t work out, why you can’t get the job done, why it’s not going to happen, why someone else has it better off than you, why your business stumbles, struggles, and gets stuck.

As soon as you allow yourself to be caught in an excuse, something as powerful as magic happens – in the worst possible way – you begin believing it, your sub-conscience mind goes to work to ensure you are a self-fulfilling prophecy, and all of those around you fall right in line.

You think your employees are not so great because of them…hmmm, just maybe it’s not them – it’s you…after all you picked them.

You think your customers said no because they don’t have the money or they just aren’t very smart…hmmm, just maybe it’s because you didn’t think they were going to say yes in the first place…and you think they can’t tell your lack of confidence or hesitation.

You think your competitors are kicking your ass because they are so much better, or they got the better location, or the silver spoon, or the lucky break…hmmm, just maybe it’s because they aren’t sitting around analyzing their competition and they are busy doing something to win because they want to win.

I can understand how the seven deadly sins can ruin a person’s life.

There should have been an eighth and maybe excuses are just lies in a different form, lies of the worst kind because they become truths as soon as you tell them to yourself.

Can you believe that – you really do control the future – you really are the person with the power – you really are in charge of every outcome that you commit to achieve – you know right away whether or not you are going to conquer your next crusade, accomplish your next goal, climb your next mountain.

You know because you are already telling yourself exactly what it’s going to be like after you either succeed or fail.

I will tell you personally, we all fight against this. And anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through his/her teeth. We let fear, doubt, worry creep in. We spend so much time with “what if’s” instead of just focus on “how-to’s”.

Remember that… Success is made in the how-to’s not the what-ifs.

If you want to experience dramatic breakthrough success that surpasses anything you could have ever imagined before (or perhaps exactly what you have imagined before), then I challenge you: take a very close, serious, ruthless look at yourself and identify all the ways that you are self-sabotaging your own progress, results, and success.

Make a list of all the excuses you are making and instead replace it with all the responsibility you should be taking.

Excuse making should be eliminated and extricated from your life.

Exchange it by taking responsibility for each and every excuse on the list. Then design and create a battle plan with a strategic offense against them and empower yourself to overcome everything that has been standing in your way whether real or perceived.

And make a sacred vow to yourself that you will analyze this and reflect again, routinely, perhaps at the beginning and end of everyday. At the very least, review weekly on what is getting in your way that you are allowing in and identify whether or not it’s an excuse you are making instead of a responsibility you should be taking to own your path to victory in your life.

This will be the most powerful list you will ever make – that you have control over – and if you go to war with it, you will win more than just your peace of mind back but your ability to achieve whatever your ultimate dreams, desires, and grandest ambitions are.

Now that we have this out of the way, it’s time to take your approach to business to much higher level of play and elevate the rewards you are capable of achieving.

Next week it gets real…

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