The Evil of Indifference

The Evil of Indifference

April 13th, 2016 // 3:29 pm @

The Evil of Indifference

Thank YOU for your incredible feedback from last week. Humbly speaking many times people send messages to me that “this was your best newsletter ever written” on a weekly basis I’m grateful to inspire people when they need it and resonate with people at just the right time in their life. Truth is, I could resend the same newsletter every single week and for someone this would be “their week”.

But, last week really made a difference to so many because it’s raw truth that eats away at the success foundation and possibilities of people’s lives every day. Most just choose to ignore it, blame others, and live on in accepted mediocrity. Instead of acknowledging reality and going on a full frontal attack to protect the sacred thoughts and beliefs of their own mind, of the environment that they choose to live in and their world as it would be in their own atmosphere of success or failure.

I shared last week about the importance of protecting your customers. In other words, helping guide them in the right direction by telling them how to make good decisions based on whatever it is you are trying to influence them to do; with the understanding that people reading this are doing good things for good people (who often don’t know the difference in right or wrong or good or bad or quality or not) in the context of whatever it is you do for goods, services, benefits for your clients, patients, and customers.

Leaving it up to your prospects to decide whether or not to give you money, heed your advice or become under your influence by saying “yes” is a very stupid idea and a guaranteed method of failure and repetitive poverty for your life.

If they know what the right answer is they wouldn’t be called prospects.

The point of having a business and the idea of sales and marketing is to properly educate and influence others to give you money for their own benefit…the reason why so many dishonest people win big in business (never for a sustainable period of time of course) is because the honest people can be wimps and bashful and do nothing to take responsibility for their own success.

Every day, I have people who deserve to be successful because of what they can do for others, but their actions are not deserving of that success as they are not doing enough to earn the trust of others.

They feel sorry for themselves instead of taking action to promote, to protect, to fight the good fight for the lives of their clients, customers, and patients.

As I always say, the reason the Super Stars make all the money is because they score all the points and the only way they can do that is if they have the ball – if they want the ball – if they take control over the ball.

You want to win more – then do more.
You want to make more – then earn more.
You want to help more – then be more.

Success really isn’t rocket science, it comes down to the degree of responsibility you are wiling to take for your own outcomes and the decisions of others. It is about whether or not you want to play to win or just play to play. Seemingly wasteful of a good life, great talent, and does nothing but gets in the way of those who really want to make a difference.

I’ve given you the formula for influence and protection over your customers. Next week I will help you to create a force field around yourself in order to protect what you’ve built and what you desire to create next.

You won’t want to miss this battle plan for the good guys and girls to win big in their business. I tell my clients – I don’t care how much money you want to make or what you want to do with it – I just want you to make all of it that’s possible – because it’s better for you to have it and decide where it goes because we know your intentions and objectives are worthy – others maybe not so much.

Why limit your financial success?
Why slow down the flow of prosperity into your life?
Why hold back the growth and potential of your business?

The answer is – there is no reason why you would do these things. Because if you do, every dollar, every person, every opportunity, every good thing that should happen to your business will not happen – if will find someone else to help who really wants to win and do well to help others.

There is no such thing as wanting to be ‘somewhat’ successful, or ‘just a little bit’, there is only winning and losing, prosperity and poverty, there is no status quo that stays the same – no such thing as this equilibrium of success.

If you fight to win or you fight and lose.

You can always choose the degree of success you want to have, the amount of money you want to make, the way you want your life to be – no one has right to judge you on these things – but going through the motions in business, being complacent or careless or wasteful with your clients, customers, patients, and prospect who have yet to decide – being indifferent about success is the surest way to never have any at all.

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