The Ultimate Leverage: Reliable Effective Systems

The Ultimate Leverage: Reliable Effective Systems

March 2nd, 2016 // 1:47 pm @

The Ultimate Leverage: Reliable Effective Systems

Interestingly enough, I’m not sure I have ever talked about this right here in this weekly message. You do understand I’ve been writing this for oh I would say more than 10, maybe upwards of 12 years non-stop every single week, with the help of my brother from time to time, without ever missing an issue.

It in and of itself is a reliable effective system.

We made a commitment, a decision, developed a platform and executed.

How many things in your business can you specifically outline and state are reliable effective systems. This means they work every time, all the time, without variable or real change.

It doesn’t mean you don’t think about changing them, try to improve them, or of course monitor and assess them for ways to do it all more, better, faster – but it does mean that you are not recreating the wheel.

That’s really the big problem with entrepreneurs and business owners, whether professional practice, doctors, small time self-employed, home based businesses, solo-preneurs, sales people or any other type of business, it’s that they are always starting over again – every day, week, month, year…often with the same objective: make a sale, grow the business, increase profit, etc.

But without any real reliable effective plan, approach or strategy.

There is no greater leverage in your business than having it run and maintained by systems. I did not say ‘technology’, that’s great, it is however only one form of a system and could be, depending on the business, a big part of it, but it’s only one type of system.

Your business should run with a series of systems in place that layer and connect and work seamlessly together for the greater global objective and progress that you wish to have.

I would like for you to make a list both of systems you have and rely on, and systems that you know need improved or maybe structurally missing.

The big ones:

Lead Generation Systems
Sales and Conversions Systems
Nurturing Systems
Relationship Systems
Delivery Systems
Operational Systems

These are compartments of your business, there are many more, detailed ones like accounting, inventory if you have that, supplies, receiving money and charging credit cards. There are follow-up systems, reactivation systems, communication systems.

And on and on.

Ultimately you should start with these six and outline everything that is happening in your business. A system doesn’t mean you are without manually effort or input. It just means that you don’t have to start from scratch every time and think about it.

Once you have these in place, tested, proven, working, result-getting systems then you can really start to grow and develop your business.

The biggest problem is people stay in the ‘creation’ phase of their business instead of the ‘execution’ or growth phase.

Sure, evolved companies have these things going on all the time simultaneously.

In our business we have generally a team of 3 working on each area of the business, running systems while others work on creating new and improving current systems.

We have a sales and client engagement team, a delivery and relationship building team, a marketing and development team.

Your job (no matter whether you are one person in your company or you have a team of people in your company or an army of employees), is to make sure everyone knows what they are doing when it comes to systems, who, what, when, where. They own it and operate it. Once you have this dialed in so you have consistency and predictability, now you have a foundation that you can build an empire on.

Only when you get past the tinkering continuously and always being ‘under construction’ will you ever make any real money and ever achieve true liberation, autonomy, and independence financially and from the servitude of your business.

Creating leverage is about breaking through to a more sophisticated perspective, approach, and strategy for your business.

Yes, always improving, changing, evolving, growing – but – not always under construction whereas you never really get to fully embrace, optimize, and execute your plan and initiatives to reach your ultimate potential.

Make you list and let’s get to work.

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