Are You Victim To The MOST FOOLISH Business Practice Ever!

Are You Victim To The MOST FOOLISH Business Practice Ever!

March 30th, 2016 // 9:06 am @

Are You Victim To The MOST FOOLISH Business Practice Ever!

Friday marks the day of Fools. Yet in most businesses, Owners are fools every day by making these big mistakes! Here’s the big three that rob Entrepreneurs of their ability to achieve growth and sustainable profit based income.

If you grasp and embrace these you will break free from the shackles of being a slave to your business. You will find the secrets to optimization that are required and essential for any business to accelerate growth and discover the leverage points to compounding success.

Before I pull back the curtain, I’d like for you to fully understand this principle – this reality – that plagues all entrepreneurs; you can call it the income-cycle, the rat-race, the treadmill, being run by your business instead of being in charge over your enterprise.

Whether you are a single operator business or you have a small team who runs the show or you have other people making you money while you sleep, travel, or do whatever you want – it doesn’t matter for my amazing doctors or other business owners – here is the problem…

ALL OF THE PROFIT, all of the LEVERAGE, all of the BIG BREAKTHROUGHS are going to come from digging deeper into your business systems and maximizing every opportunity.

FACT: Most people stop at the first sign of dollars… most dentists do just enough treatment every day to break even and earn the salary they feel they deserve, they don’t think about it as a resource that must be maximized every day, a production column as individual oil well that must be pumped because every day the time that we have is lost forever, not retained, but lost…what you do not make today you will not make up for tomorrow.

We are all fighting the clock and no matter what you think. Opportunity that is not capitalized on is gone. You do no one, especially yourself any justice by holding back, waiting, delaying, hesitating, or being bashful – you only lose.

And all the profits, the momentum, the catalysts for future money, success, and everything else good about your business are beneath the surface, beyond the easy stuff, not the whipped cream on the surface but the chocolate that settles to the bottom of the cup that must be stirred up, dug out, and mixed in.

The Biggest Way to Be A FOOL in your Business is by being WASTEFUL!!!

Business owners waste all of these things routinely…

Team Member Talents, Abilities, Interests

I could write a weekly newsletter on each and every one of these. Bottom line is this, you must take an inventory of your business, your daily operations, your systems and check up on yourself.

If you don’t, then you are being fool to waste, I promise you this.

You are wasting opportunity to sell your customers more of what they want. Other people, competitors are coming in behind you and being more strategic, more deliberate, maybe even more aggressive and they are taking your customers’ money without you even knowing it; all because you are caught up doing other things and not paying attention to what matters most.

Here’s the point, you can make all the excuses you want in the world but if you truly believe you are the best person to take care of your customers, clients, patients and you believe they are in better hands in your hands than other people’s then you will stop being a wimp; instead selling like you mean it and take their money because that’s the only way you can control the service, quality, outcome, and relationship they receive.

People protect what they care about. You care, then sell, dammit.

Next up, time and opportunity, oh boy this is what every business owner just doesn’t understand – you #1 JOB as business owner and executive is to pay attention, to own, to control, to maximize YOURS AND OTHER’S TIME and OPPORTUNITIES.

You are an opportunity finder, at least you should be. Be a fool, miss these things, waste time and opportunity and you will be sorry because others will pass you up and pass you by.

Today, I’m going to keep this one brief because I have a lot more to say about it…but…one of my biggest pet peeves is when owners complain about their team, staff, employees whatever you want to call them. And I will take it to you straight up – there is a good sure bet that you are the fool – not your team – not the people you pay to do things – because they are often under-utilized and their talents, abilities and interests have probably not been fully assessed and definitely not fully embraced and employed.

You see “employment” is meant to put someone in the best place where they can be of highest value and then to get out of their way and let them make you a profit, grow your business, master their role. Employing them is one of the biggest places where we waste all of the above mentioned things and it’s no ones fault other than your own.

Hey, good news, you do not have to be a fool – it is a decision – it is not a default circumstance – it is not your destiny – it is a choice and something you can deliberately change and control.

I’m here to help and hopefully if read properly and studied appropriately, you will be able to take my inspiration every single week and help you hone your skills at business ownership and avoid being a fool and victim to waste.

A real entrepreneur and business owner is a master of and obsessed with optimization, maximization, capitalization of all of their assets and resources. I have given you the biggest 5 right here today – now assess yourself – and start making the most of everything you’ve got.

Go get ‘em tiger…you are the only one who will!

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