The Reality of Love and Business

The Reality of Love and Business

February 11th, 2016 // 2:18 pm @

The Reality of Love and Business

This weekend…Valentine’s Day. How many Valentine’s do you have?

Well, wives, husbands, spouses, significant others – I hope only one, it does get complicated after that. Heavens, one is complicated enough; but oh so rewarding.

Love is what makes the world go round, isn’t it. Or is that money? (kidding) Love, yes, we’ll stick with that. None the less, Valentine’s is a wonderful reminder about paying attention to people and making things emotional.

I have told you many times, I’m not a fan of Holidays that make it okay to ‘not celebrate’ all year long and then make up for it in one day.

Yes, people deserve extra surprises, love, attention and to be celebrated…but I think the bigger and more important lessons about all of this are three fold…

1. Are you showing love, affection, appreciation to your clients, customers and patients? Are you doing anything when they buy, after they buy, before they buy, or throughout the year? Are you doing anything to make your relationship with the people who support you achieving your goals about more than just ‘money’ or what you do, provide, sell, deliver, etc?

2. Remember…one of the most powerful marketing secrets in the world is tapping into the ‘stream of consciousness’ and the conversation that the rest of the world is having with your customers, prospects, patients, and clients and that they are having with themselves.

When you use these types of holidays, you are giving yourself more reasons to show up and you are giving your clients, patients, and prospects more reasons to pay attention.

These things matter. One of the most profitable promotions we do in Dentistry is what I call the “couples exam” and it can be used anytime throughout the year but it’s just a little more obvious and easy to call someone’s bluff as he/she might not even be aware of the health of the spouse or if the spouse is lacking a smile that is worthy of the person that’s on the inside.

So obvious and so easy, yet no one really does this. Use the calendar…it is a gift…it should not be your ‘only’ marketing; never ever depend on these things along but for sure use it to your advantage, especially for your existing clients, patients, and customers who are use to you showing up and will appreciate something with a little spunk, fun, theme, diversity.

3. The other thing is, about all of this, remember to keep the main thing the main thing: why you do what you do. Life really is about love, about emotional connection, about what moves and motivates people. Don’t forget your people not just your customers, clients, and patients but your friends, family, your team members, and those who make things possible for you.

They often are dependent on the calendar of holidays and events whether they have a full life or not. They, and everyone else, needs to feel appreciation, some level of belonging and importance.

Please remember something…

You are not your customer.
You are not your team members.
You are not your family members.

I don’t care what anyone says or tries to pretend. If you are reading this, you are different (I promise), in a good way. But none of us are perfect or like the ‘other people’ who are out there everyday living in a different state of reality.

If you are the owner of the business, the entrepreneur or someone who is closely supporting the person ‘at the top’ you are living, thinking, doing, executing, believing, acting, deciding, and pretty much all the other “-ing’s” differently than the other people.

It’s important to have empathy and understanding for them and to help them get more out of their lives, outside of the work they are doing with you. For them it is not ‘their life’ it is only part of it, probably a smaller part than you would like it to be.

When you engage with all of your constituencies in a ‘worldly’ way you actually gain more control and influence over them.

I always say, the more consuming you can be, the more immersing we can be, the more embracing and influential you can be over as many areas, parts, communication streams, topics, emotions of their life as possible – the more they will be loyal to you and support you with money, referrals, and commitment to your mission and vision.

On this year’s Valentine’s Day, celebrate your life and love with those who make it all possible. And then do me and them the biggest favor ever and work hard to structure the same celebratory approach, events, and activities throughout your year. Your months and weeks should be cause for fun and appreciation of those you love not just one time per year.

You may have one ‘real’ valentine but you’ve got a whole bunch of people with hearts who matter and make magic happen in your life. The more you help them get more out of their lives, the more passionate they will be about helping you get more out of yours.

Happy Days should be everyday when you don’t take people, things, feelings, or anything else for granted. Do something fun this weekend for yourself and the one you hold dearest, and use this message and your Valentine’s Day as a reminder of what it really takes all year long to keep your people engaged and growing in their own lives.

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