Guaranteed Results: 2016 Your Best Year Ever – Part 3

Guaranteed Results: 2016 Your Best Year Ever – Part 3

February 3rd, 2016 // 12:34 pm @

Guaranteed Results: 2016 Your Best Year Ever – Part 3

Well…here we are, you should be knee deep, or maybe neck deep into your goals and objectives. You’ve got your ‘laser focused’ obsession for your commitments and ambitions for 2016.

If you have followed my advice then you have a more specific timeline with a breakdown into a formulaic approach to your stated desired success this year than ever before. Plus, you have created a list, an exhaustive list, of obstacles and distractions that get in your way and will set you back, or keep you from being at your best, hitting your stride and achieving what you are absolutely committed, passionate, obsessed over making happen in this year.

You are poised for great things.

You are going to accept only the best and nothing less than your expectations.

And now…we also have a new month…a fresh set of ‘almost’ 30 days in this case and you can look back at month one and say, “hmmm, what the hell happened…or…yes, great start, let’s push on the gas pedal!”

This is why I’m talking to you today about the part no one ever wants to hear.

This is what I’m presenting as Part 3, the third tactic and modus operandi for your guaranteed results – which is exactly what will happen when you follow my approach.

Here we go…bullet points today…of things to do, and ensure you have rigid execution on. We’ll call it self-imposed discipline.

I will repeat that, part 3 is…

Self-Imposed Discipline is the only way to ultimately determine truly and seriously how committed you actually are.

1 – control your working environment so you can focus and be uninterrupted, so you can hit your stride and work on your ‘core’ priorities and execution items you have outlined

2 – have specific, and I do mean very specific, time blocked, scheduled into your daily flow of the ‘kick ass and take names’ fire power of aggressive action intervals and hold these sacred, this is where you will accomplish more in this time period than in the rest of your day or week combined

3 – unplug and cut off all other distractions, people and anything else that gets in your head space…you will only hit your stride and get to the sweetest part of your mind’s creativity and thought if you get deeply ingrained in what you are doing

4 – don’t work tired, simple, plain, important (more on this next week), but it’s not that difficult, however much sleep you need get it, however much energy you need find a way to make it happen, do some exercises, get your mind flowing – you can’t work at your best, be optimal and efficient if you are not able to mentally focus or physically think

5 – work to beat the clock, you know the saying “the task will fill the time allowed”; pace yourself but also challenge yourself, give yourself less time to do things and work faster to beat it – make the most of every minute when you are engaged

I have long said that the problem with time management is that you can’t manage time, you can only manage YOU.

The clock keeps running. The reason why most people are gravely disappointed with their progress is because they are trying to do EVERYTHING – ALL THE TIME – so when you are supposed to be relaxing you are really still trying to work to catch up from when you were really suppose to be working but you felt like you needed to relax.

You have to have discipline in the way you block your schedule and effectively work when you are suppose to – focusing on the methods I have laid out in the past 3 weeks now will ensure you find a successful approach and strategy to your own work flow and preferences while giving you a regimen to follow.

Look, I will leave you with this. If you want to make a lot of money, if you want to build a real company, if you want to do extraordinary things then you can’t treat yourself like an employee who can clock in and clock out, who can turn it on and turn it off.

Most people are trying to be entrepreneurs building businesses but living the life of an employee who just happens to work for themselves.

This is just the truth, okay.

Not one of my team members acts like an employee because they all OWN their position and own their role and responsibility in our company – they are a part of the vision, it’s not happening to them or even with them it’s happening because of them.

Most OWNERS aren’t even that committed.

Today is Sunday morning, I am writing this as I do most all of my writing for the week…and it takes as long as it takes, I get up at the time it’s going to take to allow for me to still have the rest of my day.

I do this on Sunday because it’s the only day available to do it. You are that important to me, but if I had to piece meal this throughout the week it would interfere with my daily execution of the highest priority and I would not be able to wake up, feet on the floor, and off to the races.

If you want to make, earn and build more, better, faster and bigger than others, then you have to do more, better, faster, and bigger than others.

It does boil down to that. And you don’t do it by necessarily having a ‘worse’ quality of life. I’d rival mine up there with anyone on the earth, not much if anything I would change…because of one thing, well, let’s say two things.

1 – Self-imposed Discipline
2 – Realistic expectations

…based on the goals I’ve set, committed to, am obsessed over achieving dictates these 2 factors that no one ever wants to bring up, mention or base their life around…and that’s why, whether you do or not, 12 months from now (or now 11), you will either be disappointed and making excuses or standing proud excited about 2017 to do it all over again, more, better, faster and bigger!

Good news, bad news, as there always is – you get to decide, you are in control.

What will you do with you the rest of this year?

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