How You Quietly Undermine Your Own Success …And How To End Self Sabotage Now!

How You Quietly Undermine Your Own Success …And How To End Self Sabotage Now!

January 13th, 2016 // 1:54 pm @

How You Quietly Undermine Your Own Success …And How To End Self Sabotage Now!

Well, did you listen? Did you cut your anchors, set your sails, and cast your gaze off into the horizon of possibilities for 2016?!

I sure hope so because you absolutely will only achieve what you have set out to accomplish. This is perhaps the most misunderstood behavior of success. When you look all around you and you wonder why so many people just struggle to get by, they run through another 12 months just like the last, it’s because they are caught up going through the motion…they are coasting along, mistaking staying afloat for actually getting anywhere.

There is a big difference.

You most certainly set your own definition of success and hey, more power to you, but you absolutely have no room to be complaining about it when your results fall right in line with what you were expecting to get.

Unfortunately, for many, their expectations are not even progress, they are actually negative. They ‘think’ it’s going to be harder this year than last, they feel their customers aren’t buying as much as they use to, they believe their team is not motivated…they live like they lack the ability to lead by example.

Entrepreneurs are usually very optimistic when it comes to goals and dreams but they are usually very pessimistic, even blaming when it comes to why things don’t go their way.

They expect things to fail, to not work out, to move slower than they planned, and be more difficult and problematic than they hoped.

Stop doing that.

Please. Stop. For the sake of your sanity.

It’s a brand new year, let’s plan for the positive, hope for the best, and shoot for the stars…and then follow all of that up with actions, behaviors, thoughts, and execution of a Champion, of a Winner.

I was just telling a Client today, you know the biggest problem with people who say they want to be successful and they have all these goals, wishes and things they love to proclaim is that they are really just wimps…losers in their head and gut…they aren’t willing to pay the price, to enjoy the pain, to withstand the adventure, the journey, the expedition that success requires.

You’ll never reach what you stop short of.

So, right here, over the next three weeks I’m going to give you my very best “how to make it the best year ever” advice. All you’ve got to do is what I’m going to tell you and I absolutely guarantee your success and achievement of your goals no matter what those are.

You will find it very interesting the approach I will share and just how strategic it is and how much leverage will be created.

That leaves just one thing…before we can begin…you must have set your goals for the year, specifically your expectations! What is going to happen, what are you committed to making happen, what will you stop at nothing to achieve.

And if you didn’t already last week please…ANCHORS AWEIGH!

To spell it out and paint you a picture, get rid of everything in your way, eliminate all distractions, negativities, obstacles, low or meaningless priorities or people…I don’t care…stack the deck in your favor, give yourself the advantage, for goodness sake if you want to get wherever it is you want to go and do it in this lifetime you have to go fast without anything weighing you down.

You do your homework and I’ll do mine and be ready for next week, to begin our 3 part sequential series of making 2016 the best year of your business and life.

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